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Aug 17, 2009 12:58 PM

dinner in Telluride

Need some suggestions for fresh food, innovative flavors or just an amazing meal in Telluride - there on a wed & thurs night if that makes a difference- lover of great beer & great wines as well... not a formal feel.. any help is appreciated!

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  1. What time of year?

    There are many really great restaurants to pick from; what cuisine interests you the most?

    Most places aren't formal, it is the mountains but at certain times of the year, the clientele will be a bit more formal than others.

    There are no microbreweries in town.

    Are you looking for a burger kind of place or a place that will set you back
    some serious $$ ?

    I'll check back for replies and give you this locals point of view.

    1. Downtown:
      Cosmopolitan in the Hotel Columbia -- Very good food, good wine list too.
      221 South Oak - Charming, also very good food.
      Honga's Lotus Petal - Very fine Asian fare; don't know/can't remember whether she serves wine.

      Top of the gondola:
      Allred's - Go for a drink, a nibble and the view, even if a full meal is beyond your budget.

      Mountain Village:
      The Capella Hotel was under construction when I was there in December, but I sampled some of the chef's creations at a special event.
      9580 or similar number in the Inn at Lost Creek