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Aug 17, 2009 12:39 PM

Thought on Alice Medrich's Vin Santo Chiffon to dress it up?

First of all, have you made this cake and is it great---e.g. birthday-cake worthy?
Second of all, would it go well with lemon ice cream (it's got lemon zest in it)?
Or should I just stick with Medrich's advice and top it with whipped cream and fruit which has been marinated in Vin Santo?
The person I'm making it for doesn't like cake frosting, so I liked the idea of this elegant cake which can stand on its own, or with a complementary topping that is not frosting.

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  1. Bella, I've revived this older post since I'll be making this either this week or next. Would love to know what you thought if you finally got around to making it.

    I had the same thoughts as well with regard to dressing this one up for a b'day cake next month - will probably just go with a plain whipped cream frosting and filling (if I do 2 layers but I may just keep it to a single layer).

    1. I noticed you haven't posted in a while but finally got around to making this. Hopefully you'll have a chance to peek here, still would like to know how it turned out for you.

      My thoughts on this one were will definitely make again since I happen to love sponge cake, but it isn't for everybody. I thought perhaps the addition of the wine would bring a different element to the cake, it does make it wonderfully moist, but not enough to steer it into something else. I don't think Vin Santo is completely necessary, any similar dessert wine would be fine (I had looked at a few bottles that were at least half the cost and any of the non-fizzy ones would have been fine).