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Aug 17, 2009 12:38 PM

can I buy quark in New York City?

I became addicted to quark cheese while staying in London - where it costs a whopping 59 p at Sainsbury's. Of course I can't find it here (ricotta is similar but not as tangy and low-fat.) any advice or guidance?

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  1. You can find Quark in many of the better stores. I've seen at Fairway and Zabar's. You can also get it from Schaller & Weber or the East Village Cheese Shop.

    1. Hawthorne Valley Farm stand at the USq. Greenmarket on Weds + Sats.

      1. It's a slightly older thread, but I believe the info is still accurate:

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          Thanks for your responses. I will check out the Greenmarket and East Village Cheese Shop Wednesday. In the meantime, I discovered that Russ and Daughters sells pot cheese, which is sort of a dryer version of quark, for $5/pound. Enjoying some now.