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Aug 17, 2009 12:38 PM

Any good restaurants near Fenway Park?

I will be taking into a ball game at Fenway Park later this month, but I'm not familiar with this part of Boston. Are there any good (not too fancy) restaurants in the area, that would be suitable for kids too? Preferably within walking distance also. y cuisine, and the more Bostonian, or similar the better. Also, does anyone know if there's a Five Guys burger place anywhere near Boston? We had them in Washington for the first time earlier this year, and we've been craving them ever since!! Thanks.

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  1. You'll want to post on the Boston board for this one.

    1. Trattoria Toscana on Jersey St. is probably one of the best restaurants near Fenway Park. Five Guys has began invading the northeast but so far, I don't believe they have any outlets in Boston proper. The closest 5 Guys to Boston are in Randolph, Dedham and Swampscott. If you happen to be traveling to Boston through CT on I-95 there is a Five Guys in Mystic, CT (exit 90).

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        Thanks! We'll definitely check out Trattoria Toscana! I did find a Five guys listed in Marlborough, off the I-495, which is on our route (heading to Maine but passing thru Boston first) so that looks convenient for a lunch stop. Do you know if that one is open yet? The Dedham and Swampscott locations look close too.

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 may want to rethink that route. I-495 is quite a detour to Maine, especially from Boston.

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            Yeah, I wish there was a more direct route to the Portland area for Toronto folks. I've been told that it's either via upper state NY and Boston, or via Montreal and Vermont. 10 hours either route. Sigh.

          2. re: f00die

            Dedham (OK) or Swampscott (best) are far (far) closer than Marlborough. And you can pickup the route to Maine via Rt. 1 to Rt. 95.

        2. Trattoria Toscana gets my vote easily. Two-and-a-half block walk from Fenway and worth a visit even if you're not going to a ballgame.