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Aug 17, 2009 12:32 PM

STL pizza delivery around convention center

I'm attending a conference at the convention center downtown and wondering if there are any places around that area which will deliver a quality version of St. Louis style pizza to my hotel. Won't be able to get out to a restaurant.

Also, aren't the Midwest rivers cities known for their chili bars? Where can I find one?


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  1. I don't know what a Chili Bar is. We had some Chili places in town for years, OT Hodges. They are not in business anymore.
    For quality "St. Louis" style pizza, I cannot think of any that is downtown. There are pizza places downtown but mainly newer ones that are kind of in the "anti st. louis" style vein.

    B & T pizza is on Washington Ave. They are NY (Bridge and Tunnel) style and deliver-

    Feraros is New Jersey Style-

    They are in an area south of downtown. They DO deliver but you will have to check if they do to the convention center.

    These guys have good Pizza. I doubt if they deliver but just in case-

    This place is also pretty good. Neopolitan style. I doubt if they deliver, but just in case-

    DO NOT EAT IMOS. It IS St. Louis style, but nobody from out of town likes it. There are many better optons although they have the most locations.

    Hope this helps.


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    1. re: FriendOfTheDevil

      I don't often disagree with FOTD, but in this instance I will: I will admit that Imo's is not my favorite purveyor of St. Louis style pizza; if you find yourself in Clayton, try Cafe Manhattan. It is also true that Imo's is the dominant local chain, and quality can vary location to location. That said, Imo's makes a more than decent representation of St. Louis pizza -- ultrathin crispy crust, toppings under the cheese, provel cheese -- very melty, and the large pie is cut into squares rather than wedges. Please order a simple combo of typical non-frou frou toppings, such as pepperoni and sausage. Imo's has a special going this summer in honor of its anniversary, where they are throwing in an order of toasted ravioli, another local specialty, for 45 cents. Some locations deliver, including most of those downtown. Google for their website, and report back. FOTD is correct that most non-natives scoff at our pizza, but I love it and it is well worth trying.

      At your conference, make friends with someone with a rental car and be sure to head out to Ted Drewe's one evening. Happiest place in town.

      1. re: nosh

        Boy. I don't know about non-natives and STL pizza. Anyone not from here thinks it is mighty strange. I think you need to have that provel before you are 5 to acquire a taste for it. I am not knocking you liking it, we all have our favorites from our hometowns, but I think FOTD is on the money with this one for an out of towner.

        1. re: nosh

          And to the original poster, I just looked at your profile. U of C as in University of Chicago? DO NOT HAVE STL PIZZA. You will hate it. Trust me. Again, not trying to knock anyone in STL for their love of their pizza, just letting you know that you will not like it. Vitos would be a good place for you. And maybe better is to drop the pizza concept and call Pappy's for BBQ. They have a service that will bring it to you downtown I think.

      2. Im not a STL native but I've lived here for 9 years and I love IMOs Pizza. You have to at least try it!

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        1. re: shnda99

          I am from Memphis and I LOVE Imo's. As a matter fact, my brothers are in STL to see the Cards tonight and tomorrow. I couldn't make it because of prior obligations. I told them that there will be hell to pay if they come back to town without an Imo's pizza for me. I eat Imo's evertime I'm in STL.

          1. re: Ross B

            The Imo's yea-or-nay argument has been raging for years. If you're unfamiliar with our style of pizza, the question will need to be answered: Do I just want some pizza because I'm hungry or do I want to try something really local that I might or might not like? Imo's must be doing something right; 45 years of increasing business proves that. Me, I like pizza from many of the places listed here. And the Pappy's suggestion is good, too, but at the risk of repeating what you'll find mentioned many other places, they close when they run out, so don't plan on a late dinner. Yes, the crust is very thin in St. Louis-style pizza. Provel cheese, our local preference, is very tidy to eat compared to mozz, but quite cheesy. And it almost always comes in squares, not wedges.