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Aug 17, 2009 12:17 PM

Need Spot for Birthday Dinner Near Guernville on a Wed. for Ages 13-60

We're coming up to Guerneville from Oakland to celebrate my friend Steve's birthday (he's there for a week), and our party of 7 includes his two kids, aged 13 and 15. For the last two years, we've gone to a Grill (?) that worked fine, but now only serves bar food. I've looked at other options, but Applewood and Farmhouse are too expensive and sedate for our group. Any other ideas? We like good food and wine, the kids are happy with hamburgers or pizza as an option, and since we do love good wine, would prefer not to drive too far.

I've seen Zazu's and Cape Fear on the Board. Would either of those work?

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  1. There's always Union Hotel and Negri's -- haven't been in years. I remember red-checked table clothes, dripping candle bottles, family style service, big menus, fun-noisy. If you want good wine, you may have to byo!
    ETA: Just realized that Occidental is 30 mins' (curvey) drive from G-ville, so these may not work for your dinner. Still, it's a nice little town to visit, iirc.

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      Outside Guerneville there's the RioNido Roadhouse with outdoor dining. Burgers, BBQ, salads, pizzas - there's a pool and outdoor lawn area too. Ok wine selection, full bar and many microbrews on tap. Very casual.

    2. Zazu is on Guerneville Rd not Guerneville. It is located in Santa Rosa. Is that an acceptable driving range?

      Here's a list of Guerneville restaurants in the Chow database. Many have websites and linked Chowhound reports.

      You can change the search criteria for near-ish towns such as Forestville, Monte Rio and Duncan Mills. I assume that the later is an acceptable driving range as that is where Cape Fear is located.

      The new Boon Eat + Drink is closed Wednesdays, so that is out

      Has anyone tried the Seahorse Restaurant in the Russian River Resort? It has the same owners as Cape Fear. From my understanding reading Yelp, this is a gay resort but all are welcome. They are open Wednesday though the weekends seem the busy time.

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        Darn, I just assumed they were in Guerneville, thanks for the heads up! Looked like a great menu, and they could seat us too!

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          This is a little too expensive, but thanks for the recommendation.

        2. It's super-casual, but Cafe des Jumelles, in Monte Rio (just four miles west of Guerneville - straight shot on Hwy 116) would work on all counts. If you call ahead, they may be willing to reserve the back room for you. The dinner menu is pretty simple, but the food is prepared by a terrific chef who has worked at some major restaurants in San Francisco. The cafe is his labor of love, and it shows. The burgers are really great, cooked perfectly on a house made bun. I have never had a soup there that wasn't excellent. The wine list is really not bad, but if you want a bigger selection, stop by Sophie's Cellars, also on Hwy 116, just a few blocks away. You can have free corkage on the first bottle of wine that you purchase there (they have the same arrangement with a number of other resaturants in the area). Cape Fear would also work fine for you, and it's a little nicer, but also a farther drive. I haven't tried the Seahorse Restaurant yet, but David, at Sophie's Cellars, told me that it's terrific, and he's never steered me wrong. They also do free corkage on your first bottle from Sophie's. Do let us know where you go!

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            Les Jumelles
            15025 River Rd., Guerneville, CA 95446

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              They were on my list, so I'll give them a call. Great to find out about Sophie's, we do love good wine and reasonable corkage. I will also check out Cape Fear. And promise to report back.