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Aug 17, 2009 12:14 PM

Something Casual/inexpensive in Bev Hills--Possible?

We're going to the Clarity Theater on N. Canon tonight, and wanted to get a bite to eat somewhere nearby. Any good food suggestions that won't break the bank? we'd love to keep it at around 10 dollars per person.

When I googled the area, these came up:
Mulberry St. Pizza
Marty D's
LA Food Show


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  1. Mulberry Pizza is ok. Passable NY style pizza, but don't get your hopes up for amazing food.

    There's a branch of the Champagne French Bakery chain on S. Beverly. I get the french dip sandwiches and a salad when we go there. Again, don't expect any revelations and you won't be disappointed.

    In either case, street parking is a disaster. Give yourself plenty of time so you don't feel rushed during your meal.

    1. Once a month I am in that area and searching for a fast meal easy on my wallet. The places below are my short list…

      Roxbury Café (IMO, The best plate of Huevos Rancheros in L.A.. Plus other good breakfast and sandwiches at lunch. Not sure if they are open at dinner time – call them. Parking on Roxbury can be hard to get. Paid $$$ parking can be found)
      459 N Roxbury Dr
      Beverly Hills, CA 90210
      (310) 271-0027

      These two places are maybe 5 to 10 min drive away but well worth the drive because the food is great and the parking is easy and free in their parking lot.

      Vito’s – Pizza by the slice.

      Pioneer Chicken – One of the last remaining classics left. I was there with my wife last Thursday --Very clean inside. I no longer eat meat and it was hell for me watching her eat that golden fried juicy chicken. I later had a Veggie wrap at California Chicken Cafe much further away
      .Pioneer Chicken
      5970 Olympic Blvd.
      LA, Ca
      (323) 954-0454
      At corner of San Vicente,

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      1. re: JeetJet

        If you're in the mood for pizza, then JeetJet's right. Vito's over Mulberry for sure. It's no longer walking distance from your theater, but the food is MUCH better.

        1. re: Professor Salt

          Above you mentioned that "street parking is a disaster." That seems to be true all over BH. The time it would take to drive out of BH, eat a meal, and then back might be shorter than driving in circles in BH looking for street parking -- something I do all the time. I just cannot pay more for parking than I do for lunch. The money you save on not paying for parking pretty much pays for a two slices and a coke at Vito's.

          1. re: JeetJet

            Agreed 100%. Without going too off topic and getting this discussion whacked, let's not dwell too much on this issue.

            Since I have no idea if the theater has parking for its patrons or not, I was thinking that parking once and walking from dinner to the theater would be possible at Mulberry or Champagne.

            1. re: Professor Salt

              Good idea. If the the theater has unlimited parking there may be some other options within walking distence.

              Cheap Eats in BH

              Not-so-Cheap Eats all nearby.
              Mastro's, Spago Beverly Hills, Ruth's Chris, Cut

              1. re: Professor Salt

                i've never been to the Clarity theater so no idea on the parking situation. thanks for the different options though. Champagne French Bakery sounds like another good choice too.

                Also, JeetJet, Pioner Chicken is truly a blast from the past for me; we used to frequent them quite often when i was a kid. Good to know there's still a couple of them still around.

        2. Thanks guys, for the suggestions.
          i think i'm leaning towards giving Vito's a try. Their menu looks really good and prices are not bad at all.

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          1. re: Augusta

            Hey, if you do go to Vito's for a slice of NYC pizza, then you might want to pickup some really good cookies around the corner at Sweet Lady Jane's. She might even serve you up a slice of NYC attitude for free. IMO, the cookies are worth it.


            1. re: Augusta

              I would heartily, Heartily recommend you check out Vitos if you've yet to go. Their white pizzas, in particular, are delicious, though everything is great.

            2. In case you want something other than pizza at Vito's, you might want to consider Coupa Cafe on Canon.