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Aug 17, 2009 11:47 AM

MSP to Rapid City--any good restaurants mid priced or ethnic?

I know, ethnic in SD?, but you never know.. I posted this in the Midwest board b/c many midwesteners go to the Black Hills. We'll be driving all day from MSP so just want a good, not pricy restarant that we don't have to think about lunch on the way or dinner in Rapid City. Any help would be great,

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  1. You might be surprised at what you can find on the prairie, especially in proximity to meat packing plants. I don't know anything about SD, but I know there is quite a little bit of decent Mexican food in Nebraska and Iowa in proximity to large packing plants. Grand Island, NE, also has noticeable East African/Horn of Africa and Southeast Asian populations. I know there are a few Vietnamese/Laotian restaurants tied to the packing plants in southwestern Kansas.

    Sorry I can't recommend anywhere in particular, but I just wanted to give you some encouragement. Look for an ethnic grocer on the old downtown mainstreet and work from there.

    1. Native South Dakotan here! While I've lived in MSP for 9 years, I can suggest that Sioux Falls is your best bet for eats. I'd recommend trying the options in the downtown/Philips ave area. It's relatively easy to get to from I-90 (take I-229 south, exit at 10th St, go West on 10th and turn left on Philips Ave) There's a Japanese option (Sushi Masa on the south end of Philips Ave, cross street is 12th Street and is pretty good) as well as Saana's 8th Street Gourmet ( which I've heard some good things about. I'd also recommend Paramount Food and Cocktails on Philip's Ave and 11th street. It's connected to Minerva's and the pricing is a little on the high side, but they have sharable items. Here's a list of restaurants in Sioux Falls: If you want to wait a little, you can stop at Al's Oasis in Chamberlain. Pretty standard diner fare, but the fried chicken is really good (although their buffalo burger is pretty dry).

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        I second the suggestion of stopping in Sioux Falls, and love Sanaas. I've looked far and wide and so far haven't found anything of note between Sioux Falls and Rapid City beyond your normal chains. (That being said if you do find something please report back!)

      2. duluth if you don't find the restaurant you are looking for stop in to a conveince store and ask for a tanka bar.........made from buffalo meat and cranberries as close to authentic sioux food as you going to get. About 2.50
        They have buffalo in several types of dishes at the Firehouse brew pub in Rapid City. look them up on the net I do believe they have a site.

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          Do you like the tanka bars? I tried one and thought it was rather *unique*. Firehouse has decent burgers and a fun atmosphere. I think they often have a buffalo brisket special on the menu too.