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Aug 17, 2009 11:28 AM

Dishpan Hands?

I've noticed that lately, my hands are really cracked and raw from all the cooking I do. I just got a dishwasher, which has been great, but there are still all those tasks that you can't wear kitchen gloves for - rinsing food, chopping wet ingredients, seeding tomatoes, rinsing knives.... I think it's worse for me in the summer because generally my skin isn't as dried out as the winter, so I think of using lotion less.

What's your secret to soft hands AND lots and lots of home cooking?!?!?!

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  1. I just keep a bottle of hand lotion right next to the sink. Use it every time I wash my hands. And I use surgical gloves for more heavy-duty tasks. They're thin and offer much more dexterity than heavy rubber gloves.

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      That's a great idea! Where do you get your gloves? Thanks!

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        You should be able to find them at a CVS or Walgreens, or perhaps even a Target.

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          Any pharmacy will have them. 100 in a box, ambidextrous. Cost about $10.00 for latex, a bit more for nitrile. Powder free is best. Try them on for fit - you don't want them loose. You can re-use them a few times if you turn them inside-out to dry between wearings.

      2. I am allergic to detergent so have to be careful about handwashing. I use olive oil in the kitchen in lieu of handcream/lotion and use brushes for chores that do not require hand contact - dishwashing, etc.

        When rinsing food, use the colander and save your hands from contacting water. Use a brush on your knife and dry it immediately. I have a jug of brushes at my sink - one for each particular use. Woe be unto anyone who uses the dish brush on food but this has saved my hands from the cracked & bleeding state you describe.

        BTW, I tried several dermatologists and my own system has been superior to their recommendations, perscription creams, etc.

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          I second the suggestion of olive oil. Works great on dry skin.

        2. I hand wash all my dishes, pots and pans and do a lot of home cooking. Since the beginning of the year I've been using Dawn Plus Hand Renewal dish soap and I've found it much less drying than others. I also use Bath & Body Works moisturizing soaps (I really like their anti bacterial moisturizing kitchen lemon soap). I wear rubber gloves when using super hot water to wash my pots and pans.

          1. I have eczema and a latex allergy, so I avoid having my hands in wet as much as possible. I use non-latex dish gloves and non-latex surgical type gloves (from the hardware store) a lot. I recommend that if you are going to be using gloves a lot, don't use the latex ones as continued use can cause you to develop an allergy to latex.

            And to keep my hands soft and help with my eczema I use Bag Balm. For me, it's a miracle cream.