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Trip report to Brooklyn

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Was in Brooklyn for a long weekend a couple of weeks ago. Some observations and comments from an outsider.
Di Faras was a great experience but it was a one time thing. Next time I head to NYC I will be looking for the "classic" New York slice. I grew up in North Jersey and Saturday night was always a fish pie and a sausage pie to go with cards. I will be looking for that experience.
We had some meals in Manhattan which I wont go into here, but it was a madhouse everywhere.
Other places, Lione's for sandwiches. Wonderful. A #2 with just prosciutto and fresh mozzarella.
There were fifty sandwiches I would have liked to have tried.
We went shopping for food to take home (I live in a gastronomical desert).
Bought a ton of bread at the Royal Crown Bakery. Also bought the only four canolli they had in the case and about 6 pounds of cookies for misc gifts. Also went by Villabate's. It was absolutely beautiful, but a little fancy for take home. Spent a fortune in Pastoso.
Bagels every morning and to bring home from the Bagel Hole. Almost out now. "They" demanded some to be brought in to work.
For a unplanned change of direction, on Sunday night we went to Krolewskie Jadlo on the north side. I cant tell you how great it was. Great food, charming and gracious service, A great value.
Thanks for all the great info from all you passionate foodies on this board. Be back up again in a year or so. Egypt and San Antonio/Austin next year.

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    1. re: Jeffsayyes

      It's Lioni Latticini (actually the sandwich place has a different name that no one remembers). They have several hundred different sandwich combinations all made up fresh. A bit of old Italian Brooklyn.

      Lioni Fresh Mozzarella
      7803 15th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11228

    2. What's a fish pie? And where can I get one?

      1. Pastosa or Pastoso? They have a Pastosa in SI too.