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Aug 17, 2009 10:55 AM

Where's a nice place for dinner tonight around Towson, Hunt Valley, etc.?

Where's a nice, casual place I can take my wife for dinner tonight -- say somewhere between Towson and Hunt Valley? We've been to Bluestone, Jesse Wong's, etc. Ethnic foods are OK, but prefer not to do sushi.

We have a rare night without the kitten.


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  1. Brother there is a wasteland between Towson and Hunt Valley. Here are a few thoughts . Michaels on York Rd in Timonium has stepped up their kitchen and since they passed the no smoking law you can sit in the bar area, which is more casual without having to wear a mask.
    Christopher Daniel also in Timonium has very good foor.
    If want to go up York Rd 10 min from Hunt Valley consider eating at the bar at the Milton Inn which is a bit pricey but very quaint and the foods is better than any you mentioned.

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    1. re: parkton

      > Brother there is a wasteland between Towson and Hunt Valley

      I know, that's why I need help! :)

      1. re: placidothecat

        I don't necessarily with your assessment that there is a dinig wasteland between Towson and Hunt Valley.

        I previously mentioned Cafe Troia, Christopher Daniel, Rib'n Reef Grill (Michael's on York Road).

        Forgot to include the Corner Stable, Patrick's, Liberatore's, Viccini's, Oregon Grill and Restaurant Sabor. The Silver Spring Mining Company is very casual as is the Corner Stable. The other selections may not be as casual or price accommodating to qualify as a casual dining out evening.

        Haven't been in years, and only one time, but the Melting Pot was a fun experience. Not great food, but it was different and my hubby, Mom and I had a delightful time dipping into the fondue and accompanying sauces. Actually, I'm not even sure that the restaurant still exists.

        At the Towson Town Mall there is the Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Chang's, if you can tolerate those chains. What about the Peppermill? Then, of course, the chains at the Hunt Valley Town Cetnter--Outback, Carrabas, etc. FoiGras

        Just suggestions to somewhat dispute the "wasteland" opinion.

      1. re: lawhound

        Yes, Cafe Troia is a winner. If you are looking for "real" casual, then the Silver Spring Mining Com[pany. Nothing gourmet, but a bit of a fun place.

        As "parkton" mentioned, Christopher Daniel is an excellent selection. But, my ultimate choice would be the Rib'n Reef on Padonia Road. EXCELLENT.

        The appetizer of baby lamb chops served over "fried" (not sauteed) spinach is a yummy winner. I LOVE FRIED SPINACH. It's not offered anywhere else--it's dangerously addictive. Forget the fact that it isn't a healthy choice, per se. Who Cares!!!

        Their clams casino is one of the best. They also have fantastic soft shell crabs--not to mention a contender for one of the best local crabcake.

        They have wonderful coleslaw, twice-baked potatoes, and too many succulent entrees to mention. I'm surprised that you haven't as yet discovered this gem. FoiGras