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Aug 17, 2009 10:15 AM

Cafe Brioche, Palo Alto, any experience with their brunch?

I'm trying to find a new place to go with my parents for Sunday brunch, in or near Menlo Park. They're in their 80s, conservative food-wise. Their old brunch favorites, usually in hotels (Stanford Court, Rickey's, etc.) have closed down. Ideal place must have full bar, be fairly quiet, and have good service. I saw Cafe Brioche on Yelp. Would this fit the bill? Any other ideas?

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  1. I recommend Il Fornaio in Palo Alto. I usually go for the french toast; they make it with their own Filone bread, and they serve it with marscapone cheese and real maple syrup. Their bacon is also very good, and tastes like it's been slow smoked. The service is good.

    Cafe Brioche is OK. One bonus: They usually have beignets for brunch on the weekends. However, the order of beignets comes in "assorted sizes." The smaller sizes are not so great (too dense and leaden), but the larger sizes are great (fluffy, with an air pocket). So I recommend asking for only larger size beignets, if that's possible.

    1. Cafe Brioche brunch is good but they do not have a full bar, beer and wine only. Unless something changed...

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        Still true, no full bar at Brioche. Possibly worth a try unless full bar is a real deal-breaker, though, food is nice, place is fairly quiet. Very relaxed place.

        Scott's seafood has a brunch and full bar - the one in Town and Country. Il Fornio as already mentioned. Village Pub, if it's not out of the way or too spendy.

        If hotels are good, have you tried the new one up at Rosewood Hotel - Madera restaurant - Sand Hill & 280 (no mention of brunch on website, but do take reservations for 11am next sunday)? Or the Westin at University & El Camino (ate dinner there once, food was fairly good)? Or the Crowne Plaza - someone on y*lp likes the Crowne Plaza brunch, which simply means they have one. Or the Four Seasons - never eaten there, no clue if they have brunch.

        Let us know what you end up trying....

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          Those are some great suggestions particularly since the no-full-bar may be a dealbreaker. My mom likes her old-fashioned. I think they are prejudiced against Il Fornaio and the Crowne Plaza. The Rosewood sounds interesting, and Scott's may fill the bill, too. I think we have done the Westin before, and it was fine. I wonder why my dad didn't mention it.

          They have tried the Four Seasons and hated it. My dad was going to walk out without paying because he literally couldn't find anyone to pay when they were ready to go.

          Thanks again. I will report back.