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Aug 17, 2009 09:43 AM

Best Chinese Seafood Around Boston?

Hey guys, my parents are in town visiting for the week and I'm trying to find good Chinese seafood restaurants in the Boston area that I can take them to. I've heard many good things about Peach Farm in Chinatown, however I have never personally been there so I'm not well-versed in their dishes. What are some of the hits there? Also, any recommendations for other restaurants that fit the bill would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. PF: Lobster w/ginger & scallions, spicy salted shrimp w/heads on, steamed oysters w/black bean sauce, deep fried flounder...

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      also: ginger scallion FRESH (if they have it; if frozen, skip) soft shell crab, surf clam in the shell w/ rice vermicelli and garlic

      in a different vein: the crystal shrimp and braised fish tail ("in brown sauce") at Shanghai Gate, the fried seafood roll, twin lobsters and crab/pork soup dumplings at Jo Jo Taipei

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        Allstonian and I would also recommend the pan-fried oysters with ginger and scallion at Peach Farm. Some of the oysters we got last Friday were absolutely enormous (Allstonian's comment when she first picked one up was "That's just...testicular"), but they were perfectly cooked, juicy, tender and delicious, and the ginger and scallion sauce was delicious. I rarely eat whole slabs of ginger, but I couldn't stop myself.

        The salt and pepper squid was better coated and arguably better seasoned than the same dish at New Jumbo (which is our favorite spot in town for this dish), but the squid itself was not as nice and tender. Good tentacles, though: almost crunchy.

      2. In addition to these ideas for Peachfarm, know that you can select your live fish from the tank and have the kitchen cook it up for you ... typically whole with scallion and ginger.

        Also, their dry-fried eel (called "maykee eel" when you order) is delicious.

        1. Clams with Black Bean Sauce at East Ocean City are awesome.

          1. All great rec's so far, thanks everyone!

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              Had the ginger and scallion Dungeoness Crab recently at East Ocean City. Delicious! Like Jumbo, they bring the live crab by the table first for inspection. Nice lively crab. Do they do this everywhere?