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Aug 17, 2009 09:42 AM

A new Orleans Jazz Brunch - something other than Arnaud's!

Ok, maybe this is sacrilege, I'm not sure. I'm heading to New Orleans this weekend with some friends. Last time we were there we did the Sunday Jazz Brunch at Arnaud's. Honestly, I think they liked it, but to me, it was blah. Partially the snooty atmosphere, and I feel like we had a disrespectful waiter. First, the clientele was all 100 year old couples with their grand kids, probably talking about their trust funds and their plans to leave them their slaves when they die.

I'm looking to find a place with a cool, nice, perhaps trendy, and definitely less octogenarian brunch. Music would be great, atmosphere would be plus, but we don't necessarily need white tablecloths and salad forks, if you know what I'm saying.

Thanks for your time,

Mr. Tony

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  1. Try on of the following:

    Commanders Palace;
    Mr. B's Bistro;
    EAT (BYOB)
    Dante's Kitchen
    Ralph's on the Park; and
    Palace Cafe.

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    1. re: FoodChic

      You wanna swing hard in another direction? Grab a bottle of champagne and go to Lil Dizzy's in Treme. There's no live music but I think you might really have a blast.

    2. If court of two sisters is still there its worth a shot.

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      1. re: phantomdoc

        It's still there and it's definitely NOT what the poster is looking for.

        1. re: kukubura

          Two Sisters gets a bad rap -- not the best food ever, but something for everyone, beautiful courtyard if you're into outdoor dining, decent bar and old timey service and jazz. Not for everyone (obviously) but for a laid back Sunday brunch where everyone seems to be treated well, not a bad place.

        1. re: N.O.Food

          Well, yeah, that's pretty much my answer for every question ("Where can I get a quick oil change? "Commander's. "What time is it?" "Commander's." "What's your name?" "Commander's.") but I thought I'd switch it up for a change.

          1. re: kukubura

            It's my answer for a lot, too. I actually think it's the best overall restaurant in New Orleans postK. It is the most consistent anyways. They've done a great job. Everybody else hired a bunch of rag tag staff and threw open the doors. You might get a great meal one day and a terrible one the next. That's been my experience everywhere but commander's.

        2. Jazz brunch isn't exactly a "hip" concept. It's pretty old fashioned by nature, and there will be octagenerians most places that serve it -- which isn't many to begin with. I was at the jazz brunch at Commander's last week, and while the music and food were superb, it was still a very formal occasion. Most people were in sport coats, and the ladies were in dresses. A group of bachelors sat down next to us in shorts and t-shirts and probably felt very out of place.

          I say ditch the jazz and just get brunch (or breakfast) at Elizabeth's, Lil' Dizzy's, Slim Goodie's, Stanley... and there are a few others I'm forgetting. You'll get the funky, trendy vibe you're looking for, just not the jazz combo.

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          1. re: HalfShell

            Yeah, I suggested Lil Dizzy's above. I think it's the right choice for this thread, although again, it's BYOB so bring booze if you want it. And, again, I'm talking about the one in Treme on Esplanade, not the hotel one.

          2. Halfshell - they actually let people in with shorts and teeshirts? I am surprised that they allowed it. I was told by different couples that they would not let their hubbies in w/o collared shirts and sent them to a store to get the shirts; however Commanders did buy them each a drink and desserts for their troubles.

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            1. re: dcata25

              All I can say is what I saw, and yes, there was a table of (well-behaved) guys in their late 20s, some of whom were in cargo shorts and t-shirts. It was upstairs in the Garden Room. I don't know how anyone would feel that's appropriate for Commander's, but these guys did.

                1. re: HalfShell

                  I am surprised that they were seated. Shameful and distasteful. I would say Commander's for a more formal experience, but I heard Buffas on Esplanade has a pretty good and low key brunch with music.

                  1. re: HalfShell

                    I was at Commanders in June of this year, having the Sunday jazz brunch with my wife. The four people on the next table, next to us was dress in t-shrits and jeans. They were serve and no one had ask them to change their cloths nor leave. I figure Commander's would have not even let you through the front door, if you were not dress appropriate.