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unhealthy food as half marathon reward. ideas?

a group of friends and i are avid runners and big foodies. as added motivation, after every race that we compete in, we pick an unhealthy food that we can reward ourselves with afterwards. the shorter the race, the smaller the reward. since we just ran the nyc half marathon, i need some ideas of restaurants to go to that can serve as a fitting reward for our accomplishments. i would appreciate top your choices of endulgence.

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  1. my choice was Hill Country for all you can eat Ribs, brisket and sides! it's on monday night...but i had to cancel my reservations since i ended up being the only one running and no one wanted to pig out after that. (instead, i'm feasting on home made Argentinean skirt steak tonight!)

    1. Criff Dogs. The spicey red neck is pretty damn good and not so good for you.

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        criff dog will definitely be on our list but maybe reserved for an upcoming 10k. reading their menu makes my mouth water.

      2. The only time I ever get fast food is after I've run a half-marathon. My choice is Arby's Jamocha Shake and Curly Fries--doesn't get much unhealthier than that. Of course, if you're looking for sit-down food, my suggestion won't help you!

        ETA I do like unhealthy food as a reward for healthy behavior!

        1. Ooops, sorry I didnt' see this was the Manhattan board! Thought I was still reading General Chowhounding Topics!

          Congrats on the half! Do let us know how you decided to reward yourself!

          1. Big Pig Gig at Daisy Mays
            Korean Fried chicken and beer

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              we did bonchon for our last half. what's the big pig gig? sounds awesome

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                Its a family style meal at Daisy Mays. Either a whole pig, half pig, or whole shoulder. Plus sides.


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                  The Pig Gig sounds awesome. That might have to be my marathon recovery meal. I do reward myself after every run that is 15 miles or up but need to keep the weight down till after the big race.. then gluttony begins.

            2. Isn't Gus and Gabriel a sort of haute junk food spot? [Does that even make sense?]

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                i just saw the menu. that might be our choice. thanks for the suggestion!

              2. How about booking a Bo Ssam for you and your friends? 8 lbs of pork butt and sides!

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                  i heard about the infamous bo ssam at momofuku but i recently had it at my parents' house when i went home for the weekend. i'll put it on my list for the next half.

                2. congratulations to any of you who ran yesterday! I rewarded myself with my third trip to the summer this year to the Indonesian Food Bazaar and had me satay, gado-gado, fried banana fritters and cendol!

                  last time, I think I had ethiopian food at zoma after a race and I've also followed up the queens half with dim sum in flushing.

                  i would just go with that pure deliciousness, knowing you killed a couple thousand calories the day before.

                  1. Hw could you want anything but a Big Mac and Large fries?

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                      haha, i can't taint my body that badly yet since i have to still train for the urbanathlon in october.

                    2. I ran the half and then another 3 just to complete the pain. I was headed over to Blondies on the west side for wings (my default marathon recovery place too) and it was siezed for non payment of taxes.. Thought about dragging up to Dinosaur for ribs and just gave up and got some burgers and beers at no place special as my legs seemed uncooperative

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                        it was that extra 3 miles! but I bet that burger was goooooood.

                      2. How about Peking Duck at Peking Duck House? It's greasy but sooo good!

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                          or screw the ceremony of the peking duck and just pick up a half roast duck from chinatown, and a bunch of napkins and sit in the park and chow down.

                        2. The BBQ pork shoulder at New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe - fatty pork and honey bbq sauce, Shanghai-style. Plus some soup dumplings.

                          Gribenes, hot pastrami, and chocolate soda at 2nd Ave Deli.

                          Amy Ruth's chicken and waffles.

                          1. update: we ended up going to gus and gabriel and had a really good time and enjoyed all of the food. it was the perfect place to replenish those lost calories. we went on a friday night around 8pm and were seated promptly. the place was full but didn't seem crowded and it wasn't too loud. we started with potato skins, tater tots, and mexi mac and cheese. the "cheesy" tots didn't really taste cheesy but good nonetheless. the potato skins were exactly what you'd expect and the mexi mac and cheese was awesome. both of my friends got the burger (the roasted mushroom one and the fried egg, bacon one). i didnt' try the burgers but they were both adequately sized and had no complaints from either friend. i ordered the smothered crispy chicken. the portion was HUGE and the chicken was really juicy and cooked perfectly. my only complaint was that i expected fried chicken but i think it was oven baked. we were stuffed so we shared the sundae with cookie dough. too much cookie dough and not enough ice cream for me but if you like cookie dough, you'll definitely want to order it. we only drank water so the bill came out to $80, including tax and tip. nothing mind blowing but good food and great atmosphere.

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                              Hey...i had the chicken before my run :) it is fried. it's just not battered. but aren't those biscuits amazing??!?

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                                yeah, biscuits were awesome. i dont' know how i forgot to mention those. i guess it was fried which is how they got it so juicy but i was hoping for the breaded fried chicken.

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                                Holy crap...This place sounds amazing!!!!!!!!! I've GOT to get myself there!! Wow.


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                                  Same here - not sure how it's possible I haven't been there. I may have to put it on the list after the Westchester triathlon. I love this topic, btw. I usually go for a big, juicy burger, fries, and a bloddy mary myself.

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                                    Indeed! This topic rocks. I could talk about junk food allllllllllllllllllllllllll day. :)