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Aug 17, 2009 09:33 AM

Great Oyster Dive in New Orleans?

Hey Everyone, I'm going to New Orleans with a group of friends this weekend, and I am looking to find a place (probably on Saturday for lunch) - ad Oyster bar. Atmosphere I'm going for is a dive where u can suck down a ton of great oysters at an affordable price. I'm sure there is some great or famous place that you locals can help us pick out. We are staying in the French Quarter, so the closer the better, but it doesn't necessarily have to be 'in' the French Quarter.



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  1. Since you are staying in the FQ. Try Acme Oyster house or Felix's oyster, both restaurant are across the street from each other. Acme has a oyster bar with about 10 seats. Good price on fresh raw oysters at both restaurants.


    1. Summer is the worst time for Gulf oysters. Some people don't even eat them this time of year. They're definitely not in season. I had some recently (a friend from out of town was here and wanted them) and they were very small and pretty pitiful looking and tasting. Generally, the rule of thumb is only eat them in months with an "r" in their name -- and September is even pushing it.

      That said, if you must have them, go to Acme. Otherwise, why not eat your weight in shrimp? They're delicious right now.

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      1. re: HalfShell

        Halfshell, that is actually very helpful. So are crawfish also out of season?

        Also, what do you guys think about Joey K's (Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives)

        Or Casamento's (also on an episode of DDD:


        So shrimp is in season?

        1. re: MrTony

          Casamento's closes for the summer every year, when oysters are out of season. (Casemento's specializes in oysters.) Their web site says they open on Sept. 15.

          I can vouch for Joey K's. It's a solid New Orleans neighborhood restaurant. They might not have boiled seafood when you go, but definiitely fried everything, as well as poboys and blue plate lunches -- like red beans and rice or lamb shank with mashed potatoes. Another benefit of Joey K's is it gets you out of the Quarter to see another part of the city.

          Other great neighborhood "dives" that aren't in the Quarter are Mandina's on Canal and Liuzza's By the Track. Both have great poboys, and Mandina's has an extensive traditional New Orleans menu on top of that. For poboys only, Parkway Bakery & Tavern makes a delicious one, as does Mandina's, but Johnny's in the Quarter will do.

          If you want boiled seafood -- shrimp are best this time of year -- also check out Frankie and Johnny's Uptown.

          Unfortunately, yes, it isn't crawfish season until next spring. Like oysters, you might find some, but they won't be as good as they are in-season. They will be very hard to peel, for starters.

      2. Bozo's is a classic, probably more so when it was in the original location, but the suburban version works pretty well.

        1. surprised no one's mentioned Cooter Brown's yet; our favorite Oyster bar, and definitely a dive. If there's a game on it'll be packed, but either way you'll be hard-pressed to find more beer selections or better oysters on the half-shell. Also lots of other good bar food, albeit some of the snacks are surprisingly expensive.

          Cooter's is right off the St. Charles street-car line, where St. Charles meets Carrollton Ave. There's also a Daquiri stand across the street if you need help on the ride back...

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          1. re: MidCityGumbo

            Second Cooter's as I'm smacking myself in the forehead. That's probably the archetype for what the poster was requesting. Great recommendation!

              1. re: HalfShell

                Then he can eat shrimp. His post is entitled "Great Oyster Dive in New Olreans". Cooter's fits that description as well as any of the others.

                1. re: MFK Fisherman

                  I Cooters. Also a 2nd for Frankie and Johnny's.

          2. If you're uptown, there's free oysters (and excellent solo piano) from about 7 to 9:30 at Le Bon Temps Roule (4801 Magazine). I had some last weekend, and even though they're not at peak form, they're still pretty good.