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Mexican groceries in or around Hollywood

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Can you guys tell me where any Mexican groceries are near Hollywood? I'm specifically looking for Oaxacan cheese also called quesillo (or do they sell this at, like, Cuban grocerles)

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  1. Well, there's President on Federal just north of Pembroke, and Sedano's south of Sheridan on SR7. Don't know about the Oaxacan cheese, as it seems to me that much of the influence here is more east coast Mexican. I's love to find a great Oaxacan restaurant!

    Great deals on meats at President, BTW

    1. There is a Bravo Supermarket on Johnson St. near Memorial Hospital (west of 95). Don't know if they carry it but could be worth a shot.

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        Bravo carries it

      2. Possibly at the fringes of the range you specified, but Foodtown on the corner of Stirling and Davie rd (midway between 441 and University,) has a pretty nice supply of cheeses and creams.