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Aug 17, 2009 08:25 AM

Criniti's Homemade Pasta: Oaklyn, NJ

Stopped by this pasta/Italian specialty store along a tired stretch of Route 30 last week. The small store has been open for a few months, and is right across from the Oaklyn municipal building. Purchased a pound of fresh fettuccine and a small frozen lasagna. I made my niece a fettuccine Alfredo, her favorite. I have to say this was some of the best pasta I have ever had. Light as a feather; even a 9 year old noticed the difference. And for $3.50 per pound! The manicotti is made with handmade crepes and looked delicious. There is also a selections of various ravioli, tortellini,. shells, sauce, etc. There is a very small assortment of canned and boxed imported Italian products. He also sells fresh mozzarella, and Italian cold cuts. Worth checking out if you're in the area.
BTW: the pasta was much lighter and better tasting than Severinos, imo.

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  1. Do you happen to know if Is this an offshoot of the Philadelphia restaurant that has been around for a long time?

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      I did ask about that, and they are all related. Cousins, or something like that. There is also a cousin with a meat market in the Italian Market, and another pasta place there as well.

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        I need to correct the record. The Criniti's in Oaklyn are Not related to any of the following establishments: Criniti's Ristorante, Meat Market, Pastries, Construction, etc... They profess that they are however the four business previously mentioned are a combination of brothers, nephews, sons, uncles and first cousins. Although form the same region of Italia, the pasta place in Oaklyn, NJ is not for a certifiable fact related to the other Four in any way!!! I know this to be true as a I am extremely close to the family of the four establishments

      2. Thanks for the tip. I just drove down that strip on my way back from Indie Blue and didn't notice it.

        I've always liked Severino's better than Croce's (now on rt 70 near Ellisburg). Now there's another place to try. We have an embarrassment of riches.

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          rockhopper: unfortunately, it is very easy to miss this place among all the closed storefronts. I'm concerned it's not going to make it since the storefront is nearly invisible (everything is white). They did have a large colorful umbrella out in front, probably so you can pinpoint where they are when you're driving by.
          Another place to try is a favorite of mine, Georgetti's in Cinnaminson. I do think the fresh cut pasta I had from Crinitis is better, but the gnocchi from Georgetti's is the bomb. Very light and also inexpensive. Georgetti's sells a very large array of frozen meals, soups, at least a dozen different sauces, meatballs, etc. Absolutely worth the short ride, it's about a half mile off of 130, on Cinnaminson Ave. Decent sized store.

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            If I keep reading your posts I'm going to end up weighing 400 lbs. :)

            I'll give Georgetti's a try - even though they misspell lasagne, linguine and fettuccine on their website.