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Aug 17, 2009 08:02 AM


Any info on the current blueberry situation?

I just returned from vacation in Ontario where the harvest seemed plentiful and the prices very decent. In the fruit shop near where we stayed I was buying 2 pints for $4.

I was a JT Market yesterday and the berries seemed expensive and over-ripe.

I would even consider driving to a U-pick...

Anyone seen good berries for good prices...or any prices...?

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  1. U-picking around montreal is almost over. We wanted to do blueberry u-picking last weekend and called couple of places --- there were still some berries left, but only a little bit (+ overripe). So we decided to go fall strawberry u-picking instead (awesome).

    1. Just picked some wonderfully delicious bluberries in St-Urbain-Premier (i don't know how to link to it but it will show up in google maps) which is about 20 minutes off the mercier bridge. The man who owns the u-pick also sells his produce at the farmers market in St-Martine on Sundays (http://www.municipalite.sainte-martin...).

      It cost me $4.50 for two pounds.

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          I got very nice plump ripe blueberries at the farmer's market Marché Duluth on Sunday. They were fine and not too expensive.

          But they weren't like the fabulous wild blueberries I bought in Sudbury last week for $25 for 3 litres.

      1. picked up some BC blues at Esposito for 1.50$ a container this week, if it's any help.


        1. Stand on one of the south corners of Jean talon have wondeful ones, not the big tasteless ones, but the small local chewy ones. Got a quart for lunch the other day.