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Aug 17, 2009 07:35 AM

North 26?

Does anyone have any experience with North 26 in the Millenium Hotel? TC liked their restaurant week menu, and I do like to encourage any interest he manifests in choosing food, but I'm nervous. Can't find a single post....

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  1. I am going there tonight...I too was intrigued by their menu and mostly good reviews...I will let you know tomorrow how it delivers.

    1. did you go? I love this place...the food is fresh and the flavors are great. Their grilled calamari is really good, as is the New England Shelfish Stew....and I'm a big fan of the braised short ribs. I don't leave without having the Boston Cream Whoopie Pie, either, although recently I had the German Chocolate Peanut Butter Torte and that was exceptional.

      North 26 Restaurant & Bar
      26 North Street, Boston, MA 02109

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        Second the short ribs. They were scrumptious!

      2. The Lobster Omelette with brie was excellent and flavorful, yet still light. Wanted to try try Lobster Deviled Eggs at the bar, but the kitchen was closed.