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Aug 17, 2009 07:20 AM

Disappointing Salt Creek Grille

All of my friends love this place and when I worked for my dentist he went on and on about this place like it was the greatest thing. So we went Saturday night and we were disappointed. I ordered the ribs which came with mashed potatoes and I thought they were a tad too free with the salt shaker. Potatoes were luke warm and I have had better ribs at Fridays. DH's steak at $35 was not flavorful and a bit chewy. DD had salmon and she said it was okay. The souffle was good but very expensive...couldn't they make a smaller one.

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  1. I was there in June with family. We all agreed that the food is not as good as it had been on previous occassions. I understand they have a new head chef

    I also noticed that the food was too salty and/or way too much garlic.....

    As a one-time regular, I'm not sure if I'll go back too quickly.

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    1. re: vtt7

      Is this the Rumson or Princeton location? I have been to the one in Rumson and was not impressed at all. Price versus quality was definitely off.

      1. re: Eric in NJ

        Rumson. The best thing I can say is that we had the best seat in the house with a perfect view of the water.

          1. re: vtt7

            Thanks, I've never heard from anyone going to the Princeton site.

            1. re: Eric in NJ

              I've been to the Princeton site a few times, and it's just OK, nothing special. Very pretty inside and a nice bar area, but the food...just OK, certainly nothing to go out of the way for.

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                The last time we went to the Princeton location, we were disappointed in the Sunday jazz brunch. The food was ok, but the assortment was lacking and our expectations were pretty high going in based on previous meals there. We will probably not return anytime soon.

        1. Glad you brought this up. It had been a while since we were in this place(Rumson location), I think about 18 months. People told us how good it was and we decided to try it out. The view was nice but other than that, everything was so mediocre. I could hardly remember what we ordered but they were salty for sure and the price was too much in comparison to the quality of food and service.

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            Went to the Princeton location months ago and ordered some Chicken BLT thing. I was excited b/c I had just had an awesome BLT sandwich at The Bellevue Restaurant and Bar in Cape May Court House a week or two earlier so I was craving another one. Talk about disappointed...The Salt Creek Grill one was totally dry and the bacon non existent (I seriously couldn't even tell it was on the sandwich)! The place is cool looking but the food...well I haven't been back since. Maybe it was just a bad day...but based on these other comments, sounds like maybe not.

            1. re: care11

              Salt Creek (in Princeton at least) is a good place for an afterwork drink to meet up with some co-workers, and nipple on whatever, when the conversation is good and no one cares much about what they are eating, as well as a decent place to go, again, with co-workers to lunch. Nothing more, nothing less.

              I certainly wouldn't recommend it for dinner or on a weekend, but, in the area (I work pretty close) it's a pretty good option for the afterwork meetup crowd.

              Sure beats the chains on Rt. 1.

              1. re: RPMcMurphy

                RP - I'm sure you meant "nibble". :)

          2. Has this place changed the food yet? It has been ages since we were here, due to the fact of the complete MEDIOCRE food! Blah!!

            One would think, if all of us are stating how poor the food is, the place might change it up?? I have a friend who lives near the Salt Creek Grille in Laguna Nigel, and she says the same about the food there. Although, she did tell me they recently changed things up a bit with the menu, but she has not gone because it always lacked before, she is waiting for someone else to try it.

            The view is great here! If only they could re-vamp that 1990's menu, hire some innovative Chef's, maybe people would want to actually dine there!!

            Salt Creek Grille - Rumson
            4 Bingham Ave, Rumson, NJ 07760

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            1. re: Angelina

              They probably dont change things on the menu because 97% of the dining public in NJ wants the same dishes ALL the time! I am in the wine business and know a lot of restaurants that try to run innovative dishes and specials only to have to use them for staff-meals because the guests all order Filet Mignon, Salmon, Crab Cakes, Chilean Sea Bass, etc. etc. It is really sad for foodies who wind up having to travel to NYC, Chicago, New Orleans or some more progressive locales for new things!

              1. re: bfl13

                Thanks, blf13! You are so correct! We beacem friendly with the chef at Cercle Rouge in Tribeca, and we told him one how we wish he had a restaurant near us ..anywhere in Monmouth County. He simply laughed and said how he would go out of business.

                We totally undersood where he was coming from! :)

                Perhaps, if SCG made the items ON thier menu better, it would not be such a problem for me! I have to go there in a few weeks for a birthday dinner. I am not the only one in the party dreading the food. :(

                1. re: Angelina

                  The menu at Cercle Rouge website looks amazing! Reminds me of a trip I took to Loire Valley France!! I would give anything to have a bistro like that within an easy drive. But alas I will probably need to move to get that.

                  What is so funny (and sad) is that "Top Chef" is one of the most popular shows on tv currently but if they attempted to serve the dishes prepared by the competitors here in NJ the place would be done in a matter of weeks.

                  There are a couple places in central jersey that are bucking the trend of "Same menu, different location" that dominates NJ dining but they are often pretty pricey and tough to afford on a regular basis. Elements in princeton is a good example....

                  1. re: bfl13

                    Hey bfl13! Cercle Rouge reminds us of a tiny place in Eze, France we dined at. Everything was cut from the garden in the back and everything was homemade. Including the bread! :)

                    Funny you mention, Elements in Princeton. It is one of those places on my list, but have yet to make it over there. Their menu looks fabulous as well, but alas, as you said, those prices are tough to afford on a regualr basis!

            2. My wife's company used to have dinners at Princeton quite often and she has never been impressed. Now they are hosting dinners at Bistro One 53 instead down the road in Rocky Hill. Much better food IMHO. -mJ