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Aug 17, 2009 06:58 AM

Dinner for group of 10 on a weekend in center city?

Bunch of friends in our 30's getting together for drinks and dinner. Any good options that can accomodate out group- preferably near rittenhouse. considering parc, continental midtown, el vez, tinto, etc...

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  1. I would skip Parc, I like it there but it's really loud, a group of 10 would not be able to hear each other very well.

    Meme is another option, I've see groups that size there in the past. They don't serve cocktails though.

    1. El Vez can be fun, great drinks; food is mediocre IMO but the experience and service are reliable. Agreed that Parc will be too loud. Tinto can handle larger groups in the downstairs area; more low key but the food is v good. It is small plates, so if you do that, make sure everyone is ok with sharing dishes and splitting the check evenly, or getting the prix fixe tasting menu (just had a check splitting nightmare at Distrito). Another Rittenhouse option is Barclay Prime (steakhouse), great service and good food, never had any entrees besides the steak but they are there. Never had dinner at Continental but would be a fun place to go for after dinner drinks for sure.

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        Just had dinner @ Barclay Prime on Sat - There were quite a few "large" tables (8+) so I'm sure they can acoommodate, as long as everyone expects to pay top dollar. (the food is definitely worth it though!) Continental midtown is fun too, more casual, can also accommodate, and you can get small plates to share which might be fun -depends on what you're looking for. Food at any of Starr's places should be a "crowd-pleaser" for foodies and non-foodies alike...

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          El Vez has always been exceedingly loud on my visits, so if being able to hear the other people in your group is important, I'd probably skip out on that one.