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Aug 17, 2009 06:30 AM

Anyone been to Bradley Ogden recently?

Coming back to Vegas at the end of September - doing JR at the Mansion, Guy Savoy, and Craftsteak (comped meal, buddy loves steak) and need a 4th option.

Been to Le Cirque, MiX, and Alex but always want to try new places.

Trying to decide on a mid-range (~100ish) meal between Aureole, Fleur de Lys, Bradley Ogden, and Nobhill Tavern.

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  1. NobHill's menu change looks really good but I don't know if you want to do 3 restaurants in MGM. Second choice would be Fleur de lys. I haven't been to BO in 2 years just not a fan.

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    1. re: SDGourmand

      I'm rather indifferent to which hotel the restaurants are housed in, honestly - I make it a point to walk the strip as much as possible during my visits - being inside the casinos for too many consecutive hours makes me a little stir crazy.

    2. You are already doing two French places (JR and GS). Fleur de Lys would put you a three. My experiences at Fleur de Lys have been wildly inconsistent. That said, when they have come through it has been quite memorable.

      I really enjoy Aureole, but it receives some mixed reviews. In fact, some of the stalwarts of the Southwest board seem to have some strong negative feelings towards it. My experiences (seven visits) have all been very consistent and very good. They have a great 7-course tasting and their wine pairings are some of the best in town. No the food is not at the Alex, GS level but you won't be paying the high prices either. For a foodie like you, I recommend a table in the Swan Court. It's a bit more intimate, quieter with more personalized service so you can concentrate on the food.

      Have you given any thought to Restaurant or Bar Charlie?

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      1. re: climberdoc

        I rank Charlie Trotter's in Chicago amongst my top5 ever (Alinea, The French Laundry, Providence, and La Folie the others) and while I like the concept of Bar Charlie I am not really big on the "whatever the chef wants to make" given the fact that Trotter himself doesn't maintain direction over the Bar.

        I've not seen/heard many reviews of the restaurant proper, though I admit the menu sparks my interest.

        1. re: uhockey

          I've dined at Restaurant Charlie on three occasions. Twice I ordered off the regular menu and once did the 8-course tasting. My highlights from the regular menu were the tart of Maine lobster with Spanish chorizo, black trumpet mushrooms and carmelized onions. Both times I ordered the Kampachi with braised veal cheek and hedgehog mushroom sauce. This is an amazing well-thought dish with a wonderfully textured fish paired with hearty braised shredded veal cheek. The tasting menu exemplified Trotter's ability to make complicated flavors from simple but top-notch ingredients. Either way, I highly recommend it, especially since you already really enjoy his food.

          At Bar Charlie, you can really direct the way you want your meal to go by voicing your likes and dislikes. It's too bad you're not down with the concept. They really make you feel taken care of there on the level of the finest venues in Vegas.

          Glad to see you're coming back to Vegas uhockey!

          1. re: climberdoc

            I've read a few reviews of Bar Charlie and while it looks good - I actually like the main dining room menu more......I just don't know if I want to do three $250+ meals in the same trip. :-)

            There is clearly no love for Ogden here, so I guess it must truly be not that special.

            I'm always hesitant to do "the Vegas version" of classics like Fleur and Aureole, but then again I actually found the Vegas Bouchon superior to Napa's, so who knows?

            1. re: uhockey

              Bradley Ogden might serve the best hamburger in Las Vegas, based on personal experience and a number of reviews from others, so it works for that kind of change of pace. But one of the driving forces at the restaurant for the first five years or so that they were open was Bradley's son Bryan, who ran the kitchen. He left last spring for Los Angeles, and since then it seems like they have not been able to maintain the same standard as before. Still good, and great when the mood is for a burger and a half bottle, but for what you want to do there may be better options.

              1. re: QAW

                "Best hamburger in Las Vegas". That's hard to ignore. I checked out the online menu and they themselves proclaim it to be the best in Vegas. I'll have to give it a go. Do they only serve it in the lounge? I did not see the burger on the regular menu.

                1. re: climberdoc

                  I have only had their burger in the lounge, but in these economic times I would assume that there should be a flexibility on their part. Goes awfully nice with a hearty zinfandel.

                2. re: QAW

                  I dont' eat beef - so that takes care of that. :-)

          2. re: climberdoc

            As usual, I pretty much agree with climberdoc (except that I haven't been to Fleur de Lys). I too enjoyed Aureole - well, the food, anyway. I ate at the bar, and thought the atmosphere wasn't so great. A table sounds like a much better idea.

            ...and another vote for Bar Charlie. A tasting menu is also available at the Restaurant Charlie side, but I think it's much more fun to talk directly to the chef as courses are delivered.

            1. re: Larry

              Aureole actually has two choices of rooms to dine in. The large, bustling, fast-paced main dining room and the Swan Court which is basically the opposite of those three adjectives. Swan Court adds like $10 to the price of the meal in that the servers are the "captains" and is more personalized. We request the same server, Jalil, each time we have been there and they have gladly accommodated our request.

          3. Any interest in going the Italian route? Bartolotta does very well in the Italian seafood department. They have a "tasting menu" which is served more family style. Their whole fish is also quite an experience being deboned tableside. Delicious! I highly recommend this place, but as usual it has its detractors on this site.

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            1. re: climberdoc

              Been there, though I was much younger those days. I've been stung by high end Italian (outside NYC) lately - La Botte and Osteria Mozza were good but not great, Spiaggia in Chicago was overpriced and pretentious with poor service. Alto and Scarpetta in NYC were mindblowing, though.

              1. re: climberdoc

                Ate in Bartolotta last night. Chef was there of course and the place was rocking. First, their bread is out of this world good!! Ordered the mixed seafood pasta which was heaven and shared a whole bronzino. While quite expensive, this place really lives up to it's hype. Great food, great service., and it's a beautiful place to go for dinner. One of the best in Vegas!!

              2. Husband & I went to B. Ogden a week ago after arrival. We went to lounge and had the $29.00 special, either kicked up burger or kicked up fish & chips, actually. The fish was excellent and best I've had prepared that way. It was "line caught" wild halibut.
                The dessert sucked & I suppose it was just me. It was Butturscotch pudding & maccaroons. Chef had flavored it with Scotch & it tasted SOUR. Of course, I'm not a scotch lover, so someone else might have loved it!
                It was a good meal for first night there, but I wouldn't repeat it.
                We both thought STACK at Mirage was great & the specials were &29 too. The steak superb! Three course meals and deals we will NEVER see in Vegas again, so we took full advantage of it, including D.B's at Wynns.
                Maggie K.

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                1. re: johnmaggie

                  I too had the $29 burger prix fixe. I thought the Caesar Salad to start was excellent, a very good burger and excellent fries. There was no Scotch in my butterscotch pudding so I am not sure what happened to yours. I'm not a pudding guy but enjoyed it. Service was excellent by the way, with the lounge server getting regular help delivering dishes to various tables by the dining room staff. I would not order it again but primarily because the burger and fries are a meal by themselves. I did see the fish and chips go to a table next door and it looked fantastic. Nice atmosphere and where else can you eat in a Michelin starred restaurant for $18 (fish and chips), $19 (hamburger) or $29 prix fixe?