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Etc Steakhouse or Mosaica?

Does one outperform the other?

Which would be better for an anniversary dinner?

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  1. I have not been to Mosaica but having just dined at Etc for my anniversary, it did not rate well. Twenty-five minutes after sitting at an empty table, a bowl of "garlic bread" arrived; bread plates did not. In actuality, what arrived were toasted hot dog-type buns which I sampled only because I had washed before uncovering the contents of the bowl. Service was sporadic - unfilled water glasses, other tables who arrived after us were served earlier. My appetizer - gnocchi w/ beef cheeks and english peas was tasty, my entree - rib eye was merely fine, and accompanied by only three, inartfully peeled asparagus. Wife's skirt state was slathered in an overwhelmingly salty marinade, particularly ill-suited to skirt state. An unordered dessert appeared on the bill. In short, the restaurant could use some adult supervision as the kids running the show need some seasoning.

    1. I'm not familiar with either of them - where are they located?

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        Etc. is in Teaneck, while Mosaica is in Vauxhall, NJ, in Union County.

        I've never been to Etc., but have had only good experiences at Mosaica, which would certainly be suitable for an anniversary dinnner.

      2. I have never been to Etc but used to live in Elizabeth and went to Mosaica all the time. It was always excellent, great food, friendly service, really a gem that I did not expect of a restaurant in a strip mall!! Even though I now live in Manhattan with many other options, I still try to make it back there when I can. If you do go, I highly recommend the duck appateizer and the lamb entre.

        1. In June we ate at Mosaica, as usual it was excellent. Go enjoy and bring your bottle of wine. Celebrate Life !

          1. We actually ended up at Etc. and had a delightful meal. We decided that we had been to Mosaica enough and knew the menu, and thought to try something new. We had great service. The restaurant was somewhat busy. We had the gnocchi with beef cheek appetizer as well. Nothing special. The actual gnocchi didn't absorb any flavor. Husband had the rib eye, which came with grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes. It was all really tasty. I had the short ribs, which came with broccoli rabe and mashed red potatoes. The portions were huge. Everything was very well made. I would good back there again to try something news. We went on a Monday night, if that helps as far as service goes.

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              Went there for dinner last night and had a fabulous dinner. I have no idea what kosher critic is talking about, as everything was great. Service was attentive, portions were very good, and price wise was excellent. If you're looking for a great place for dinner that does not break the bank this is it.
              I have been to Mosaica also, and that too is a gem, for similar reasons to Etc. Between these two restaurants, there really is no reason to schlep into NYC.

              I started with the sweetbreads which were soft and wonderful with the figs and my wife had the arugula salad. I followed with the short ribs, which were amazing. I never thought I would like the chocolate and chili sauce, but it was outstanding. My wife had the rib steak which was like butter and full of flavor. I finished off with the Zeppoli dessert, since the chocolate souffle, which would have been py preference, was not available. Again, something I would not normally have ordered, crispy on the outside, with a filling, was delicious.
              If you have not been, you should go. It's BYOB, so you can drink whatever you want without paying an arm and a leg.
              I have no connection to this restaurant.

            2. Go with mosaica. I went with group of 10 for an office dinner, and they all liked it alot even for a kosher restaurant.

              1. Please check out the Bergen Record of 9/10/09. Three Star review of ETC!!!

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