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Aug 17, 2009 04:40 AM

Dining in Tuscany

I did a preliminary search and didn't find much, so I appreciate the help of other CHs.

We will be in Tuscany in early October. It's our first visit there and are dying to enjoy the local food, but need direction.

We will be staying south of Florence, about 30 minutes from Siena and Montevarchi. We've been told that the Chianti towns of Radda and Galole are 15 minutes away. Other nearby towns are Pretaccione, San Sano, and Gaiole.

What can you recommend for restaurants in that area? We appreciate any help you can give us.

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  1. Have you already picked your location for sleeping? If not, I would recommend finding an agriturismo or albergo ristorante with a highly recommended kitchen and staying there and letting them cook for you for your entire stay.

    If not, I would ask the locals in italy about where to find the best home-cooking, and patronize the eatery frequently. In Italy, the more you eat at a place, the more the cooks and staff take care of you. Italian meals are not about a variety of taste sensations. They are about making your stomach feel happy. Letting someone else put the meal together for you -- instead of trying to guess what you want to eat off a menu -- makes for the most satisfying eating experiences in Italy.

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      A very nice and smart solution could be in GREVE the agritourism POGGIO ASCIUTTO.
      Look at its website .
      You will enjoy it as restaurant and as farm house, also.
      Have a nice trip, ciao.


    2. If you're close to Radda you are also reasonably close to Greve, Panzano, Castellina... in Panzano, we really enjoyed Vescovino
      I have heard good things about Il Carlino d'Oro, Via Brolio in Gaiole in Chianti but haven't been myself.
      The restaurant at the winery at Badia a Coltibuono served us a really nice lunch one day - that will be quite close to you.
      In Castellina, have pizza at il Fondaccio or Fondaccio dai Dottore.
      Quite honestly, you'll do just fine wandering into most places. Enjoy!