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Aug 17, 2009 04:14 AM

Need recommendations for this weekend in Houston

We will be staying at the "Comfort Inn Downtown" on Katy Freeway Friday night and I am looking for a couple of recommendations for "reasonably" priced meals (maybe around $25 per entree or less ?) .

I would like to find either seafood (grilled, not fried) or Chinese or Italian and would like to not have to drive too far since I don't want to have to deal with Friday even rush hour traffic. On Saturday we will be doing the museums so will be close to Hermann Park.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Reef or Danton's Gulf Coast Seafood. Reef is the better restaurant IMO. Danton's is a much more traditional Gulf seafood restaurant.

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      Thanks, Bulldozer. Reef sounds great and is probably going to be on my list. Now on to Italian and Chinese !

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        a hop skip and jump from the museum district is Rice Village (University Ave, Rice Ave, Morningside, etc.) and there u will find a variety of restaurants for any budget. Of the Italian possibilities for u, Prego,, or,, maybe D'Amico's Italian Market Cafe (very casual $12-18) would serve up tasty meals at a very reasonable price. Chinese here might be a problem. With Chino's now closed, the only chinese rest that comes to mind is Fu's Garden(Kirby and University Sts).. Also near the Museum Dist on Montrose St is Kam's for Chinese.

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          I would also through Dolce Vita into the mix. It's the little brother of Da Marco down the street, which is the best Italian restaurant in Houston, if not the entire state of Texas. Dolce Vita isn't your Italian American type of place (think more enoteca and pizzeria), so if you're looking for calamari and red sauce, you'll probably be better off at the places mentioned in Rice Village. Dolce Vita has great Italian style pizzas and pastas, with great authentic/shareable sides. Highest recommendation, and really a bargain for what you get.

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            Speaking of Dolce Vita,, I have been a regular since it opened and I must say, the svc is sure slipping. Had dinner Friday night at 830p,, had no trouble getting a table upstairs. The waitress pressed for a quick beverage order and then circledlike a shark repeatedly probing for the food order. She was highly miffed when I stalled and finally went away when I finally asked that she not come back for a while.. Job 1it seems at Dolce Vita is to turn the tables over quickly and I refuse to oblige. Avoid the svc hassles and let Jesus take care of you at the bar if you don't mind rubbing elbows with others. Actually, its where I prefer eat these day when I visit Dolce Vita.

      2. Your hotel is very close to T C Jester, and you can get to this Italian restaurant going down that street and then making a turn on Ella. Not too far and not much traffic. Here is a link to the restaurant:


        Very funky website! Good food, not very expensive, casual place but they do have a pianist playing softly.