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Aug 17, 2009 02:01 AM

Good, simple ways to have beef liver?

Tried searching the recipes for beef liver, but found nothing.
So I found out not too long ago that I'm slightly anemic. The nurse explained to me the two different types of iron (basically meat iron and veggie/grain iron, meat iron being more readily absorbed by the body and thus better).
One of the best things I can eat, I've found, is liver. But the only way I know to prepare it is liver and onions fried in butter (and even then don't know how long to cook it).
So tell me, guys, what's some yummy, relatively easy (still rather amateur in cooking) and cheap ways to make liver?
On a side note, I don't like spicy stuff or peppers.
Suggestions are appreciated. :)

Hope this is the right area to post this...

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  1. From one person who suffers from low iron levels to another, here are some suggestions for beef liver:

    1. Sautee the liver with some onions and green bell peppers in olive oil (or bacon fat if you want to be decadent). Salt and pepper to taste. If you don't like the bitterness of liver (it doesn't bother me; I like the bitter flavor but some don't) make sure to presoak the liver in milk to take the bitterness out of the liver.

    2. Batter them up and deep-fry and you've got beef liver fritters! Serve with aioli or a honey mustard vinagrette dipping sauce.

    3. Sautee the liver and throw them in your favorite chili recipe in place of beef, or in addition to beef.

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      You will note that the person ask "how long do I cook it". Your reply has steps but no time. How long do you sautee the liver?? How long do you batter them up?? How long do you "deep-fry"??

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        I don't look at the clock when cooking.

        Do it enough and you just sort of know when something is done.

        And it's easy when you are deep-frying ... when they float they're done.

    2. thinly sliced, quickly boiled (to maintain a crisp texture). dipped in sauce of soy sauce and ginger. i love it that way.

      1. There's a recipe in the first Roast Chicken and Other Stories that is ridic. I'm not remembering everything about it but the basic idea is that you cut the liver up into basically postage stamp size pieces, and quickly saute it with some browned onions and finish it with balsamic. It's fast, easy, and REALLY good.

        1. Brown with lots of sliced onions, salt and pepper. Simple and yummy.

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            I agree. I fry some bacon first and use the fat to fry the liver. And it should still be a little pink. Mmmm. Just reminded me that I have some liver in the freezer.

          2. Marinate it for a few hours with sliced onions in soy or teriyaki sauce (I like Mr. Yoshida's cooking sauce), pat dry, and sautee in oil until still a little pink in the middle. Scoop the onions out of the marinade and include them in the saucepan while cooking the liver.

            Does it have to be beef liver? Chopped chicken liver is great, as are sauteed chicken livers. Have you ever had really good liverwurst? Schaller&Weber and Karl Ehmer are brands that I grew up on - a far cry from Jones Farm or Deutschmacher. I believe both of the former are available online. What Schaller&Weber used to call Gold Medal liverwurst they now call Gold Medal pate but it's the same stuff. Since it's rich, I get 5-6 sandwiches from an 8 ounce tube ($3.69).