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Seeking Recreational Cooking Classes

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I'm a new yorker who plans to buy the all-you-can-jet pass from jetblue (http://www.jetblue.com/deals/all-you-...) which will allow me to jet around the country anywhere jet blue flies during the month of september and early october.

I'm looking for suggestions for cooking schools/classes in major cities throughout the lower 48 states (excluding New York) that provide recreational 1 to 5 day essential/technique cooking lessons. I plan to eventually take the five day "Fine Cooking" course at the institute of culinary education in NY but want to use this travel opportunity take classes elsewhere that take a standard home cook tot he next level.

If you have any suggestions of any great cooking classes I'd love to hear thoughts.

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  1. The San Francisco Baking Institute offers some really great short courses.


      1. It took a few terrific classes at Schoolcraft, just outside of Detroit. One class was on sausage making taught by Brian Polcyn (co-author of Charcuterie). Wonderful facility and thanks to the Midwest board I had more great restaurant suggestions than I had time for!


        1. http://www.allculinaryschools.com/

          My older daughter took an entire year of cooking classes from city to city and found this resource very useful.

          Have the time of your life, bobjunior!

          1. Thanks for the suggestions! To follow up, the cities I will be in are SF, Austin, LA, New Orleans, Boston, Seattle, Charlotte. Will also be in Nantucket.

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              As one who wants to experience this trip vicariously, please give us period reports!
              Have a wonderful time - can't think of a better way to maximize this ticket.

              Once I saw you mention of Charlotte, I remembered A Southern Season in Chapel Hill:

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                Boston University has some very pricey, but good, one day food seminars. Classes are taught by some excellent local practitioners. Other courses I have found include the Cambridge Culinary Institute which runs a number of one day courses, of which their most popular is Couples Friday. [I am not single, but would be the other half of a couple if you need a partner.]

                And, this sounds like a great adventure. Please report back.