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Aug 16, 2009 09:07 PM

Osteria Alla Testiere - open Mondays???

I am having a hard time with this one. I have checked several websites for this information. Rick Steves and Zagat say they are closed sunday and monday. Fodors says that they are only closed on Sundays. Their own website says nothing. I have emailed them to ask and to make a reservation but they don't get back from vacation until September 1st and I will already be in Europe and hope to have picked a restaurant that is open before I leave. Does anyone know if they are open on Mondays or where I can get an answer to this?

Also, just in case - can anyone recommend a place on par with this one in terms of food and cost that is open on Monday night? We already have a reservation for Il Refolo on Sunday night. Thanks!

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  1. Alle Testiere is closed Sunday and Monday. Just about all good places that are seafood based in Venice are closed on Monday. It is one of our favorite in Venice. Another is Fiaschetteria Toscana. The atmosphere is more of a restaurant then a trattoria: larger space, more classic Venetian menu of seafood as well as non-seafood, less crowded, better service (though I've never had any service problem with Alle Testiere though others disagree), no early or late seating issues. As to cost, probably 60E for 3 courses, just a little more than Alle Testiere. A good moderate priced trattoria that is open on Monday is Da Alberto

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      I dont thing the statement that all places that are seafood based are closed on Sun Mon is fully true. Yes, the Rialto market is closed but many restaurants have their own independent relations with fisherman and are supplied fresh for the other days. We have had great seafood meals at Alla Frasca and Corte Sconta, to name two, that are open Sun or Mon. The standards for seafood in Venice are very high (at least in the places that serve the local clientele) so I think if you can find fish or seafood served you can be reasonably confident you arent getting two-day-old stuff.

      Viamichelin is a fairly good source for opening hours, esp for the more wellknown restaurants

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        Unless they've changed since my last stay in Venice this April, I know that Corte Sconta is closed on Mondays, the day that OP wanted a recommendation, also closed Sundays. Am not sure about Alla Frasca.

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          I believe Alla Frasca is open on Monday, weve eaten there then. I was just making a general point, there are restaurants open on those days that serve good seafood. possibly because they have independent suppliers rather than relying solely on the market.. We ate at Corte Sconta on Christmas I guess, I must have confused that with Sunday, so hope I didnt confuse anyone else. The general rule is useful because you do have to work harder at finding open places on these days but there are still plenty of options.

          I couple of years ago I created a chart of venetian restaurants I was interested in at the time and their opening days for a visit because it was sufficiently confusing. - sometimes they will be closed only for 1-1/2 days, rather than 2, for example open for Sunday lunch and then closed til Tuesday. In fact there are plenty of restaurants with Sunday and/or Monday open hours - a quick sampling showed Alla Fontana, Da Remigio, La Colombina. Alla Madonna, Fiascheterria Toscana, Al Covo, Algiubagio, etc etc.

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            For any other night send an e-mail directly to Luca at: For Monday night I would go to Il Ridotto: Their website is

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              what am i looking at for prices at il ridotto for two people before wine? i was thinking about that in place of alle testiere since they are closed but was worried that it would be ridiculously expensive!

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                They are approximately the same price, i.e. entrees in the low to mid E 20's, first courses, less perhaps half depending on what.

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                  I don't know what you consider as ridiculously expensive. Prices for Alle Testiere as of last October: antipasti and primi 18E; secondi 24E (comes with side vegetable); dolci 8E. They have one single price for each part of the menu. From Joe H's post, Il Ridotto is in the same ball park and is open on Mondays.

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                    thanks to everyone - those prices are fine! i just don't want to spend over $200 for a meal. it seems that either one of these places would be about $150 or so depending on what we choose to drink - not bad!

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                  What do you know about Fiaschetteria Toscana. Price point, favorites, etc. jfood heading for 11 days in September and you seem to be the man on eatingthere. TIA

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                      jfood apologizes, that is the thread he saw the restaurant for the first time. many thanks