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Aug 16, 2009 08:48 PM

Whole roasted pig leftovers.

We roasted a 50 lb pig in a caja china this weekend. As it happens, it was delicious. We had 25 people over, so we have a *lot* of leftovers.

Anyone have any delicious, cool ideas for leftover roast pig?

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  1. Use a vinegar sauce and make pulled pork sandwiches...

    1. We had some leftovers from a similar feast last weekend. :-) With our part of the leftovers, I cut it into small pieces and added it to some sauted onions and garlic. I then quick braised the mix with lime, cumin, black pepper and a tiny bit of really spicy BBQ sauce. It mades some pretty awesome sandwiches.

      1. Tacos, burritos and mix w/ chile for enchiladas.

        1. Freeze the leftover and ship overnight to....