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Aug 16, 2009 07:39 PM

Victoria BC - with a toddler

We're going to Victoria BC for a family vacation with our 21-month old son. Looking for good food, but it has to be a family-friendly environment. Going to be there Aug 19-25.

We're staying in the Inner Harbour and have a rental car, so we don't mind venturing a little ways out for good food. We have a full kitchen in our hotel room, so we'll probably do most lunches and some breakfasts in our room. I expect we'll eat out for most dinners.

Complicating things further - I have celiac, so at the very least I'd like a restaurant that can hopefully find me one or two things to eat. I've gotten some good ideas in this respect from the Victoria Celiac Association.

Some places I've read about:
Zap Thai
Red Fish Blue Fish
Olive Grove
The Joint Pizzeria
Mo:le Restaurant
Da Tandoor

Are any/all/some of these places family-friendly? Good food? Reasonably priced?

We'd love one more upscale dinner out, provided we can find one that wouldn't frown upon us showing up with a toddler.

Any and all recommendations are appreciated! Oh, our son is a pretty good eater - some of his favourites: burgers, tacos, fish and chips, anything with BBQ sauce...and we're quite willing to introduce to more "ethnic" food choices, provided they're not too spicy.

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  1. I always like to reply to questions about dining with child because I always have the same questions when I travel. Whenever I am in Victoria we love to eat at primostrada pizzeria in Cook Street Village. Authentic Neapolitan style pizza and great desserts and coffee too. The only issue is that they don't make a gluten free crust as far as I know but they do have some starters and salads that look . I also have heard from Victoria friends that the Pink Bicycle Burger joint is excellent.

    1. There is a thread called Kid Friendly Victoria - lots of good recs there.