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Aug 16, 2009 07:27 PM

Friday Night - cocktails & dinner

My wife & I had an enjoyable meal at The Beresford in Sydney on Friday.

Excellent cocktails in the buzzy bar with a good meal in the restaurant. Service was a touch chaotic, but the tasting menu was excellent value - $70 for 6 courses

- cheese & truffle toastie
- seared scallops with witlof
- gnocchi with ham hock & peas
- blue eye with more truffle
- beef fillet with artichoke & porcini
- an unfortunately terrible dessert - a sort of almond & chocolate mousse (it couldn't be perfect)

It was pretty full-on food, typical of a rustic italian cuisine. I'd definitely go back.

(pictures & review at my blog)

Would anybody be able to recommend more friday night places in Sydney that serve good martinis and offer a good 'degu' at under $100 a head?



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  1. Lovely blog- I'll be checking in with your experiences again! Thanks for sharing the hot tip - Beresford tasting menu looks great.

    I can recommend Assiette, Surry Hills, for its degustation menu. I also love the Banquet dinner at Longrain- with an obligatory wait for a 'table' (it's communal) over a thoroughly decent martini. The friday night scene can be loud though (it's the hip night and they bring in a dj), which may or may not be your thing.

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      Thanks for the compliment. Just arrived in Sydney so trying to get to all the best restaurants.

      The tip about Longrain looks good. I didn't realise they had a banquet menu. Will be giving it a go. I've recently been to Sailors Thai, along with Spice I Am. With Longrain I get the complete set!


    2. Beresford also have a great Italian Family Feast on sundays for lunch. $45 per head, antipasto, pasta or soup, a roast (we were served a roast pork shoulder yesterday) with sides (yesterday was pumpkin and witlof & blood orange salad)

      Was stuffed and didn't require dinner