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Aug 16, 2009 07:23 PM

Son's girlfriend meeting the mispuchah -- where to eat?

My son's girlfriend is coming to town to meet the family! We're excited but a little nervous. We're Toronto residents, but not sure if we know which spots are popular among today's twenty somethings (it's been a while since my U of T days!). Where can we take them that won't make us look like boring parents?

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    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

      Sea-Hi? There's a difference between retro and embalmed.

    2. I would take her to a Thai restaurant, something a little different. If things are awkward you can always talk about the food.

      1. - Does she have any dietary restrictions (is she an adventurous eater?)?
        - How much do you want to spend?
        - Is there an area of town that is good/better for you?
        - What are your favourite spots?

        - The Danforth is fun for walking so if you want to keep it casual you could do the Greek thing. Or (also on the Danforth), Globe Bistro has a great local/sustainable thing happening and it's a bit more upscale (great cocktails, rooftop patio).
        - Harbord Street is pretty hot right now and you could choose from lots of nice bistro-ish options, most of which won't break the bank... 93 Harbord for middle eastern, Tati or Loire for French, Boulevard Cafe for Peruvian (sangria), Harbord Room for Canadian bistro (I don't know what else to call it). Messis is also very reliable with a nice patio.
        - Queen West/Ossington is also a fun area for 20-somethings. I would be cautious on the weekend (it can get too club-y and zoo-ish), but the Drake can be pretty entertaining, Nyood, Delux or something more casual like Terroni might work.

        1. I had a great meal at The Drake hotel. Definitely a hip place without the food being too out there. There are many places within the hotel to eat. What I would do is make a reservation for the dining room but when you get there, ask to sit in the lounge, or if it is a nice night, the rooftop bar. They do not take reservations in those two areas.

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