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Aug 16, 2009 07:21 PM

are there any GREAT cheesecakes in Montreal?

I always thought Montreal cheesecakes were ok. Until I went to NYC this summer... Now, I realize that all the cheesecakes that I remember eating in Montreal (Second Cup, Broadway Cheesecake, Wawel, Premiere Moisson, Calories...) are at best unimpressive. Good, but unimpressive. Yet, I still hope that there's a place somewhere in Montreal where I can find a morning-fresh moist and reasonably sweet cheesecake that rivals the best of Manhattan... a place with a GREAT cheesecake. Do you guyz know if such a place exist?

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  1. I'm not sure you're going to find a truly delicious New York Style cake.

    You're going to laugh, but I think the best cheesecake in Montreal is the vegan cheesecake made by "Johnny Cheesecake", that they serve at Else's. I was skeptical, just like everybody else, that a vegan dessert could compete with a real cheesecake, but am unfailingly impressed by just how good it is. I must have it each time I go to Else's. Last time I ordered it it was a banana chocolate cake, which isn't even a favourite flavour combo of mine, and it was amazing. Seriously. Give it a try.

    I also love the japanese style cheesecake at Harmonie bakery in Chinatown, but this, again, is in a very different style.

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      While I concur that Johnny Cheesecake does indeed make the best cheesecake in Montreal, I must point out that it is NOT vegan. It has butter, eggs and yes, cheese in it. I know cos i've seen him bake them. The confusion likely arises from the fact that he did famously gift a vegan cheesecake to Moby live on Musiqueplus in the early 00s. So, not vegan but yes, very delicious. Try it.

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        Argh!? Is everything I believed a lie?

        I used to work with Johnny (this was back in 2001), and I could have sworn he told me that the cheesecakes were vegan. Of course things change over time...

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          Somehow, that makes me happy. Knowing that the best cheesecake in town is vegan would be like finding out the best coffee is made from chicory or something.

          1. re: remdog99

            Roy and De Bullion


            They don't always have cheesecake. In fact, they often don't and the rest of the food is pretty forgettable. So if you want to go for Johnny Cheesecake you should call first.

        2. GREAT cheesecakes... I'm not quite sure. However, I did recently discover that March Aubut now carries a few flavors from the Cheesecake Factory bakery. My two favorite flavors, vanilla bean and dulce de leche were not available last time I went, but I have put in a request. They do, however carry the Godiva chocolate flavor.

          1. Unfortunately, not anymore.

            I stopped eating cheesecake when Franni closed and when La Desserte moved to Richmond in the Eastern townships!


            1. Haven't had it in a while, but I'm a fan of the classic Montreal deli style of cheesecake -- heavy, rich, sweet, topped with humongous strawberries. I'm sure you can still get it at places such as the Main, Dunn's or Reubens.

              But I'll add a big caveat: these cakes might actually be terrible by any reasonably objective standard, and my appreciation merely nostalgic. (cf the Montreal hot dog thread)

              1. The TCBY on Cote St-Luc sells Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes. Not sure if they order them for you or they have them in store but they have signs all over advertising it.