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Aug 16, 2009 06:45 PM


I bought some dill weed at St. Lawrence market on Sat. and then accidently left it in my car.
Anyone have any suggestions about where else in Toronto to get my hands on some?

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  1. Every supermarket and grocery store should have fresh dill for sale. If you want the huge stalks of dill, you'll probably need to go to a farmers' market.

    Are you sure you can't refresh your wilted dill in cold water?

    1. Some of the more authentic grocery stores will carry dill stalks, oregano, and sage, on stems. The dill stalks will be supplied fresh until October

      Highland Farms
      850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

      Highland Farms Supermarkets
      Lawrence av E Bennett Toronto ON

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        The Ellesmere HF does, in fact, have mature dill heads ("pickling dill") right now, but if you're just looking for regular fresh dill, I can almost always find it at No Frills.

      2. So what left it in the car?? For days and days??? It is pretty hardy. Put it in the fridge...the whole stem or just the fronds.. I microwave my dill...freeze it... dehydrate it etc....
        Sounds like you tossed it already ......yesterday was should be OK?

        1. When I lived in Miami I used to use the car as a dehydrator. Why not dry it off completely, seal and store in the freezer.

          1. Plant some seed at the edge of your garden / backyard / fence, and grow your own. You won't have any trouble growing it, you may have trouble keeping it under control. Even then you just whack it down.


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              Starsky's in Mississauga have the large stalks. I was there yesterday.