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Aug 16, 2009 05:19 PM

Farmer's market in Coral Gables

Hi, everyone, I just moved to Coral Gables and I was wondering which farmer's market within about 10 miles of the area people consider to be the best. What types of fruits, veggies, etc, can I expect to find there? (I would like to find yautia amarilla, by the way (I think it's yellow cocoyam in English). Thanks!

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  1. Coral Gables has its own Farmer's Market in the winter but that would be a few months away, and it's rather small. Your closest one will be the one in Coconut Grove every Saturday.

    1. You also might want to check out this buying club. They have a Fort Myers location and the fruit and veg and wonderful and sooo fresh.

      Never mind. I miss read it as Cape Coral, lol.