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Aug 16, 2009 04:43 PM

Fried Chicken (London)

In a city where the fried chicken shop is more ubiquitous than the fish and chip shop, it;s disappointing that the majority of fried chicken shops serve up crap..

Anyone know of any where decent, where they actually put some care and attention into product and take pride in it? I'm talking about a crisp, perfectly seasoned coating on moist, juicy and steaming hot chicken...

The best of the bad bunch i've had is from the South London chain Morleys, and although the seasoning is fairly good, it's still nothing to write home about.. Can anyone recommend anywhere decent? I heard a chain called Texas Chicken (aka Church's in the US) is supposed to be good, but their branches are few and far between.

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  1. FM, looks like you drew a blank here. I too am flabbergasted at the number of fried chicken shops in London and more to the point fried chicken shops serving crap food.

    If you're looking for "soul food" style fried chicken, I'm fairly certain that Harlem in Notting Hill offers this dish but I haven't tried and likely to be at an inflated price.

    Also probably not what you're after and something you will likely already have considered but tori tatsu age might satisfy your cravings. My brother reported having recently eaten a good version at Saki (West Smithfield) where I've always eaten well. I imagine that Soho Japan offers up a good version, it's another place where I've generally eaten well.

    And if all else fails, some home preparation is called for. I've started shallow frying squid karaage at home and it comes out excellently served with some kewpie mayonnaise and bulldog tonkatsu sauce!!

    1. Might be worth looking at gan pong ki in Korean Chinese places.

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        You could look at West African places - i think it's the kind of thing you're looking for - spiced/breaded chicken - deep fried. My Mum used to make it and I've had it at various functions. Terribly unhealthy, but oh so delicious!

      2. Thanks.. Korean Chicken sounds good. there are again loads of specialist places in the US, but not over here it seems.

        this was the video that prompted me to ask the question in the first place...