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great fried chicken, Fren chocolate silk pie, rabbit gumbo, and eggplant pirogue

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where to get these?

also has anywhere noteworhty opened in the past few months?

and does anyone happen to have a link for the menu at Crabby Jack's on Jefferson Hwy?

Lastly, has anyone been to KPaul's for lunch service recently? How is it?

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  1. rabbit gumbo: Brigtsen's. Apps. rotate/change so call.

    We went to K-Paul's for lunch when he first began lunch service. Self serve, styro plates. Menu changes weekly. Food was good to excellent (gumbo). Not at all like a dinner experience. Check his site on Thurs. for the weekly menu..

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      thanks anyhere fro french chocolate silk pie?

      or eggplant pirogue?

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        French Silk Pie at Feeling's Cafe is great !

        1. re: kevin

          piogue usually on menu @ Harbour Seafood -Williams Blvd. -Kenner

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            I know I'll get flamed...but the eggplant pirogue at Copeland's is very good.