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Rec's for great dinner in DT Seatlle for a first time visit..

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I am a long time lurker on Chow and first time poster. I am taking my Husband to Seattle, this will be his first time and a repeat visit for me..allbiet never for pleasure :)

I would love recommendations for a wonderful dinner in Downtown Seattle..We will be on foot from the Westin. Husband isn't one for 'fancy' food but loves good food! Would love to get a great taste of Seattle our first night as we only have one dinner date night as the following night we will be at the Ballgame! We 'chowed' our way through Spain on chowhound advice and would love to take a look at any Seattle finds...

Moderate Price range... casual to dressy-casual...you know, date night xo

Thanks for all you suggestions and recs! We will keep in touch and post pics of our culinary journey...


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  1. Steelhead Diner is in walking distance and is a nice place to dine with a NW flair.
    Most of the Tom Douglas places (Palace Kitchen, Serious Pie, Etc) would also fit your critera. http://www.tomdouglas.com/restaurants...

    1. Matt's in the Market. Quintessential Seattle. You won't regret it ;-)

      1. Chez Shea (next to Matt's) or the Steelhead Diner as Paqpln suggested. You can't go wrong with either one!

          1. Thank you so much for the suggestions! Have not yet heard about a couple of the recommendations and Matts in the Market was a repeat rec I have read about. We are really looking forward to exploring Seattle and as promised will photograph our culinary choices!

            1. paqpln...I checked the steelhead diner website and it looks perfect for our dinner date! Thank you for the rec, we will certainly report back, ciao!

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                Reservations are set for Steelhead Diner, thanks again paqpln for the original suggestion...thoughts and pics to follow soon.

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                  Steelhead diner was fantasic! Thank you again for the great recommendation. We booked through OpenTable and were seated in the corner table overlooking Elliott Bay. Our server was very attentive but not pushy...the atmosphere, I would call it diner-chic with a touch of City flare. Fabulous menu consisting of comfort food to seafood. We began with a glass of Colombia Pinot Gris and a 'Kilt Lifter' Draft...appetizers consisted of the Jumbo Lump Dungeness Crab Cake (OMG, we are still in awe) it was absolutely incredible...I had to try a couple of the Snow Creek Oysters..amazing texture and a touch of spice. Either appetizer I would order again...heck the crab cakes, order two and make it a meal! For our main course... I had the Grilled Colombia River Salmon (which was topped with peaches and almonds...honestly could have been a desert!) and my hubby had the buttermilk fried chicken sandwich. Hubby was quite pleased...talked about that sandwich straight through the next day. The spices on the table were amazing...a Habenero Garlic Pepper from World Spice and a black sea salt from Pike's Market.
                  We had an amazing time in Seattle and Steelhead diner was the perfect place for our special holiday...thanks again, ciao!