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Aug 16, 2009 03:41 PM

Anita's - New Mexico-style cuisine - Fullerton

Dined at Anita's on Harbor Blvd. in Fullerton for breakfast/brunch.
Was o.k....
airy, pleasant atmosphere in the dining room (at least at about 10:30 a.m.) and rapid, attentive, courteous service from 'Alex,' as he was identified on the check.

Carne Adovada con Huevos was just slightly disappointing. The pork, while fork tender, was somewhat dry and could have been even more spicier. I know it can be a challenge to keep stew from being dry, but I was hoping the seasoning would be potent enough to keep my mouth involuntarily moist. Alas, it wasn't.

The home fries on the plate were above-average, though, and good home fries are one of my benchmarks of a kitchen staff that really does care about everything that exits its doors and is destined for a table.
Would like to return for dinner...maybe to get something with chile verde, which allegedly is more indigenous to New Mexico, instead of the red chiles of adovada fame.

600 S Harbor Blvd, Fullerton, CA 92832

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  1. Their rice is utterly disgusting, almost revolting. Only thing I see worth getting their is the sopapillas which are pretty hard to come by in the area.

    1. I like their carnitas and their chile verde. It's okay, not great, Mexican food.
      I prefer El Camino Real when I'm in Fullerton. It's on Euclid in the Stater Bros. shopping center.

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      1. re: OC Eats

        Went there years ago and liked it. But it really is NEW Mexican food (like the state). New Mexican food is different from Mexican food. It is like comparing Tex Mex to authentic Mexican food.

      2. I am afraid our SoCal Anita's would be run out of town in Albuquerque or Santa Fe...or any other place in New Mexico! The carne adovada is, as described, dry and not very flavorful...something that is hard to do with this cut of meat!! Their versions of the "red" and "green" are very sad...and their version of chile verde is just plain bland without any real green chile flavor. The sopapillas are OK as A5 KOBE indicated...probably the only thing worth going here for.

        Southern California just does not do New Mexican well (much to my consternation)
        ...for something more some Hatch chiles at Bristol Farms or other places in the area and make your own...or buy a cheap ticket to ABQ and enjoy the real flavor of New Mexico!

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        1. re: TravelPath

          Interesting side note (probably only for me), when I saw their name I got very excited thinking they were a branch of a not great but totally passable chain in New Mexico (Little Anita's). Alas, they are not, but they are owned by homesick New Mexicans, as this article says. And now they have a little empire.

          Ah well, given that Albuquerque and Santa Fe both are home to plenty of sub-par New Mexican restaurants, I can't ding them too much. Your plane ticket suggestion is definitely the best option, though.

          1. re: neobite

            hmmm, my understanding is that it was started by a branch of the family that owns little anitas. actually, little anitas is pretty crap itself by n.m. standards and the anitas in fullerton makes it look like the french laundry. i have never understood why an area that has so many people who go back and forth to n.m. can't have at least one decent nm. restaurant. it's not like it's hard food to cook. but travelpath is right: just by some hatch chiles (or even easier, buy frozen from bueno at albertsons). you'll be a LOT better off.

            1. re: FED

              Well actually you can pick up fresh NM green chile in La Peunte from a grower in Hatch for a limited time. Here's a link


              They'll even roast them for you for a price.

            2. re: neobite

              Ahh!...this explains things...I spent a lot of time in the DC area during the last thirty years (you have to go to the Feds, they will not come to you!!) and have had to gag down numerous "Mexican" meals at Anita's in Northern Virginia...the sad thing was that in the 80s and 90s, it was the best you could get there...and it was simply awful...which was really hard for this SoCal boy!!

          2. I've only been once to NM, so I can't say if they do it right, but I did not enjoy my food at Anita's, it was missing a bit of, you know, flavour. I haven't been in a couple of years, though.

            1. I've been to Anita's for lunch a couple times (I don't go by choice)...and just never "got" it.