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Aug 16, 2009 03:20 PM

Looking for frozen mussels in sauce

During a recent trip to georgia, a family friend nuked up a tasty batch of microwave mussels straight from a box in the freezer. I've been looking all over the east bay for this product. Closest I've found is TJ's frozen steamer clams (which are yum). Mussels came in two varieties - one in a garlic/oil sauce and one with more of a tomato base. Anyone seen this product in the bay area?

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  1. is there a reason you can't ask the friend who served them to you? call or send an e-mail to say that you enjoyed the meal so much that you're still thinking about it...and that you'd love to be able to enjoy it again at home if they can tell you where to find the product.

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      product came from grocery which we don't have here (publix i believe).

      1. re: mishka9

        you can seriously find anything with Google. i searched "frozen mussels in sauce Publix" and...voila!

        just contact them to find a retailer near you.