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Aug 16, 2009 02:30 PM

Puppy Shower Menu Ideas?

I'm bringing home my new Westie puppy at the end of next month. After he gets settled in, I want to have a couple people over for dinner to meet him. I thought it might be cute to be a little kitchy - but all I can come up with is hot dogs and hush puppies.

Any fun ideas? I'm thinking hot dogs might be my best bet so we can be casual in the backyard. But how to I dress that up?

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  1. Sugar cookies in the shape of bones/dog biscuits!

    Fire hydrant cake (I don't know the recipe, but it sure is cute!


    Party favors in doggy bags!


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    1. re: The Dairy Queen

      I LOVE the sugar cookie idea! I'm positive that I can't make that cake - esp. with a new puppy in the kichen!

      1. re: CMizellT2

        Yeah, that cake looks impossible! But, hey, there's a drink called "The Salty Dog"

        What kind of puppy do you have? Maybe there's a pun off of that...


    2. Puppy chow (kind of a sweet chex mix sort of thing)--might be cute if you had a couple of dog bowls (New!) filled with the chow.

      1. Puppy chow mix served in a dog bowl.,1-0...
        Enjoy your new little friend!

        1. If you drink and serve alcohol, wander the microbrew aisle at BevMo and you'll find dozens of brands and labels that are dog-named and decorated. Stock a large metal pail with ice and a variety of dog brews.

          1. Kind of a different vein, but what about roasted marrow bones? Or peppermint bark?