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Aug 16, 2009 01:21 PM

Good fish mongers/sources in Charlotte, Concord and north

My doctor wants me to make seafood a part of my diet. I am looking for recommendations for quality seafood sources. I am allergic to clams, oysters and mussels, so I am looking for shrimp and fish. I have worked in restaurant kitchens and cook at home, and have worked a lot with fish and shrimp, I just haven't used it since I moved to Charlotte last year. I'd be grateful for your help.

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  1. Only one wholesale place now--Inland Seafood N. Davidson st--I think they will sell to the public--if its in Charlotte it came from here I bet. We call Karen H . at in Charlotte and buy from her--then pick up at the N Davidson place--Karen is the best and really knows her stuff

    1. At the farmers market on Kings Road there is a guy who sells fantastic fresh NC coastal shrimp. They are delicious.

      1. There is a great seafood vendor (it may be the previously mentioned Inland Seafood) at the Uptown Farmers Market at the corner of Trade and Tryon on Saturday mornings. Really wonderful fresh, local seafood,as well as some great stuff brought in from further away.

        Also, there is an oriental market at the corner of N. Tryon and Sugar Creek Roads (again, can't remember the name, maybe International Market?) that has really good looking seafood, although I have not purchased anything there.

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          I've bought fish at the oriental market - I believe it's called New Century. They have a great selection, all very fresh and very reasonably priced.

        2. On Central Ave. in CHarlotte, Inner Harbor Seafood Market & Grocery 704-567-0283