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Aug 16, 2009 12:35 PM

Private Dining Rooms in Hartford

I'm looking for an recs on private dining rooms in Hartford. I haven't lived there in 4 years and I know there are many new restaurants in town. It would have to accommodate about 15 people for a birthday dinner. That's it, no other requirements! :)

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  1. As much time as I've spent working in Hartford, I don't eat there very often.

    When I worked on Constitution Plaza, we did plenty of lunches and the occasional dinner at Spris and really enjoyed it. I've never eaten in their private dining room, but see from their site one's available:

    I don't know if your location must be Hartford proper, but if of your favorites and mine--J Gilberts in Glastonbury--DOES have a private dining room that seats 10-14. I actually just called and asked. If there are any kids in your party, they can probably squeeze 15. Other than that, they have a "living room" area that's separate from the main dining room, and can set up your party there. As a bonus, you don't have to worry about where to park/paying to park, as you would downtown.

    I love Feng Asian Bistro across from City Place, but they don't have a private dining room. However, they said they could section off tables for you.

    My top vote would go to J Gilberts. ;) Happy planning! If you're looking for something different, let us know so we can steer you in another direction.

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      I was thinking J. Gilberts too. We sat in their private room years ago for another birthday party. Spris might be an option as well. Hmm!

      I'm trying to make it a surprise for my husband. We'll be heading up to CT at the end of October so I figured a surprise birthday dinner was in order. It doesn't necessarily be in Hartford; most of our friends are in the Hartford/West Hartford/Newington area.

      1. re: krisrishere

        What a nice surprise! And I love this area in the fall--it's my favorite time of year. Don't forget to hit Mozzicato Caffé when you want to hang out after hours and have dessert and coffee (or even a shot with your coffee)--they're open late.

        1. re: kattyeyes

          How could I forget?? I'm going to get like 836728 dozen cookies and cannoli when I go :)

      2. re: kattyeyes

        On20 can be set up for private dining.
        Hot Tomato's has a wine cave room for private dining.
        The expansion area of Peppercorn's (the old Spiritus space) is used for private dining.
        Dish has a private dining area.
        Tango in Glastonbury has one as well.
        So does Max Amore in Glastonbury.

      3. Max's downtown restaurant has a private dining room. So does Max's Oyster Bar in West Hartford.

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        1. Great recommendations everyone. Does anyone know off hand if these rooms require a preset menu or can we just order off the standard menu? I would prefer the latter because we have many picky eaters for friends.

          I'll check into these in the meantime :) Thanks again!