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Aug 16, 2009 11:55 AM

Any Toronto restaurants easy on the salt?

I'm supposed to watch my daily intake of sodium. Fortunatly my Special Person is a genius at preparing tasty low-salt meals. It's when we go out that I get worried about how heavy-handed the chefs are with the salt shaker. Any suggestions for restaurants and/or takeout, preferably in Scarborough west or Toronto east that suit my low-salt needs, or will prepare meals low in it? Thanks.

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  1. I almost never have a problem with salt with "Arabic" (southern Mediterranean is better, but I mean from Algeria to Afghanistan) cooking. The cooking , particularly Moroccan and Lebanese, features flavouring skills utilizing spice and herb mixtures (and only rarely chili peppers) worthy of wine reviewers talents. The problem is finding good examples of the type in Toronto, and this is surprising. Top picks are Tangine, on Lawrence east of Pharmacy and Marrakech, about 1300 Danforth , both new and Moroccan, see previous posts. Avoid Ibrahim shawarma, Lawrence across from Nasr, who has the best shawarma and salads in town, except when he uses even more salt than usual.

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    1. re: Vinnie Vidimangi

      Thanks, Vinnie. I've printed out your suggestion and will try those places.

      1. re: Bob Catt

        In both places ask what has been freshly made and ask for it. It is all good; you will reduce the risk of disappointment. I think that the flavouring in a lot of the better Moroccan ( and Lebanese) cooking doesn't survive reheating the next day.

    2. I often ask the waiter to ask the chef to go easy on both salt and oil/butter and it often works (and that's a great way to find out whether the food is made from pre-made sauces or not).

      Among the saltiest food I had was Hot House Café, so I would not recommend it to you :) My mussels were so salty that even I, a salt lover, could not eat it (that was before I started asking for less salt)