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Aug 16, 2009 11:53 AM

Twin Lght Bakery in Atlantic Highlands

There is a new bakery in the Eastpoint shopping center in Atlantic Highlands. I am a huge fan of the Flakey Tart but Twin Light Bakery is very different. Flakey Tart is French and has good quality small selection. Twin Light is more of a traditional bakery like the kinds I went after Sunday mass. They have a wonderful selection of cookies, pastries, pies, cakes, & fresh bread. I have had the cream puffs which were excellent as well as the cannolies. There sprinkle cookies are my favorite because they remind me of when I was a kid. I have to hide the cookies otherwise my man will eat them all. I will not stop going to the Flakey Tart but Twin Light is a fanastic change!

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  1. Tyvm for the report.

    Flaky Tart is a long drive for me and next time I will also stop and at least get some bread at Twin Light.

    1. The bakery is very large and they have some tables and chairs.
      Most everything, except some cookies, are made on sight.
      The people who work at the counter are extremely kind and helpful.
      Tried a few items, Italian sesame bread and a small chocolate covered eclair, it was good. As a local bakery wish them well.

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        While I'd like to see another bakery make a go of it in the area, I'm a little disappointed by both the quality and prices at this place. One loaf of Italian bread and 2 small individual tarts for $11? The bread was ok, but far from the best Italian bread I've had (go to Normandy in Hazlet). The tarts were kinda soggy, overly sweet and pretty clear that the filling was prepared straight from the can.

        Flakey Tart doesn't make or sell bread, but they are the absolute BEST in the area. As for bread, I can buy a better loaf at one of the local grocery stores for less.

        One other note, the size of the space that they've rented in the strip mall will make it tough to make a go of it unless they got a steal on the rent. Wish them well....but afraid don't wish to go back. :(

      2. i like this place if the poster above thinks this place is expensive flaky is way worse. I think these are apple and orange bakerys. And in case you other chow hounders haven't noticed bakerys offering decent fresh baked goods are a rarity in these parts. please try this place and try a few of your favorites . I have had mostly positive things here. live locally ....have yet to try the bread ....on a red banks farmers mkt Panzanella kick. always on the sugar search and when you walk in it smells good. I really liked the cream puffs chocolate covered of course they have plain. The last time it didn;t taste as terrific but better than your avg. grocery offering and whole foods which I have found to be expensive and lame. Not everything is great cheesecake was very airy yet looked like a traditional ny style kind of a head fake and I would steer clear napoleans which are kind of an aberdeen proving ground IMHO of a bakerys skill and this one was good worth the run the next day i will dutifully report my other findings in future posts. to be fair and democratic I like flaky tart and know Marie personally the macaroons the choc chips the key lime and chocolate cream tarts top shelf worth the dough $$$$ other things not so sure 4.50 for a brownie really? not that great. I think there's room for both to succeed and I want both... call me greedy.. no a chowhound!
        its heavy butter and sugar here and has been known to put me into a sleep/food coma . be careful with the cinnamin bun with raisins sinful yet narcolepsy ensues after two LOL

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        1. re: livingloving

          Does TLBakery offer custom birthday cakes? If so, has anyone ordered one?

        2. Place reopened Oct. 1st...under "new management". I walked in yesterday and the place might have had a few rows of store-bought cookies and a couple rolls for sale. That was it! Not much of a bakery. I heard the old owner/baker with 25 years experience (he baked everything on premise) is moving to a new location. Obviously, this is where all the experience is going. I would not go here anymore, it looks like a bunch of amateurs are trying to run a bakery business.

          -A bakery fanatic

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          1. re: humpteedumptee

            When it first opened the Sunday morning trek was worth the drive. Excellent bakeries are so hard to this is yet another blow for the bayshore circuit!

            1. re: humpteedumptee

              There is a new bakery in the "junction" of Leonardville rd and Main St in leonardo. It is called "The Carosel Bakery" and it looks good. All I tried was the rhy bread it is was very good.