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Aug 16, 2009 10:53 AM

gooey to solid (cookie bar)

i made a cookie bar this weekend and the middle called for condensed milk which was too gooey after baking. i also made jam bars (simply spreading jam onto the bottom layer and baking). how do i make the middle layer of a bar cookie to be solid using 1) fruit 2) chocolate? i'd like to make both types but have the center be firm after baking.

i guess i need to thicken the jam with something and make a ganache layer but i don't have any recipes to start with.


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  1. The jam won't really set up unless you add a solidifying agent like gelatin.

    As for the ganache layer, it's pretty simple, but it will be better if you use heavy cream or evaporated milk (plus sugar and chocolate, obviously) instead of condensed milk.

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    1. re: goodhealthgourmet

      ah... could i add extra pectin to the jam?

      sorry if this is obvious but i want to make sure - can i bake the ganache?

      thank you (you're always so helpful!)

      1. re: superfinespot

        sure, you can add extra pectin to the jam - that should help it set up a bit. and absolutely bake the ganache! it may still seem a bit gooey when you first remove it from the oven, but once it cools it'll set up. i use ganache as the filling for my Dark Chocolate Cranberry Tart and it works beautifully.

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          goodhealthgourmet- is there a way to contact you through personal e-mail? do you have a blog? i have a few follow-up questions. thanks!