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Aug 16, 2009 10:37 AM

Three days is not enough time!!!

Will be in NOLA in late October, Halloween weekend, there will be 6 of us. I usually spend 5-6 days so this time the resturants I can visit will be very limited. Also one night is a birthday night and the birthday boy is leaning towards August, so that only leaves 2 more dinner restuarants. What are your thoughts of August as a special occasin dinner restuarant? I have been to the following restuarants on more than one occasion..Brigtens,Bayona,Upperline,Commanders,Lilette,Herbsaint,Stella and really love them all, and I have been to some I did not love too!!!. This time I would like to try something new, I love cajun and french food, with foie gras,sweetbreads,shrimp, duck, escargot, veal, being some of my favorites. I want to try to get in 2 lunches.Any other suggestions? I want to try Patois and Bistroo Daisy but they will have to be dinner if I go cause they are closed for lunch most days, I think.I am staying in the garden district, but have been to the city many times before, so hopping on the St Charles and traveling around is not an issue. Thanks for all help!!!

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  1. Two new restaurants that I have really enjoyed are Boucherie and Coquette. I have taken groups to both restaurants and had a fantastic time. Both have fairly small menus, but my friends vary from chicken only to vegetarian and all had no trouble finding something they really enjoyed. Both have great desserts too, which is a big plus for vacationers in my opinion. Have a great trip and thanks for visiting! Oh and the cocktails at both places are outstanding, especially Coquette. Some people on this board have had less then stellar service at Coquette but I have had great service every time I have been. Oh and get the cochon de lait with grits - delicious.

    Either of these places would be perfect for lunch also.

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      Coquette is awsome! Great food and service every time I have been. Boucherie is o k but i always leave hungry and feel kind of silly eating 1 10th portions of just ok food.

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        Re: Coquette
        Isn't it? I find myself daydreaming about it often these days.

        Re: Boucherie
        The portions match the price. Order more if you are still hungry. I really enjoy being able to try 4 different things for the price of an entree at any other similar place. I think the food is great - have you tried the duck breast salad? Fabulous.

    2. Cuvee is great. Last time we were there they had a trio of foie gras that was outstanding!

      1. Consider The Pelican Club. It's not as flashy as some other places but we thought it was great. The food was all fantastic and the service was superb. I would try to sit in the first of the three dining rooms (the wood one) because the other two (I think marble) do echo a good bit. The wood one had the feel of an old, classic club room.

        1. Restaurant August is a wonderful place for a special occasion dinner (or any dinner)--comfortable in a jacket and tie or just a nice shirt and pants (for men)---the food is truly outstanding (one of the best meals that I have had on this continent). john Besh does amazing things with pork and dishes that are traditionally heavy he turns out light. The sous chef (Gallati) is wonderful and keeps Besh's restaurant running amazingly well! The the corn and cheese agnolti (?sp) and the pork belly with lobster tempura was heavenly.

          Brigtens is a great family restaurant. Chef Frank may have a wonderful curry version of his shrimp bisque--ask Sandy when you come in for your visit.

          Luke is Besh's take on a French brasserie/German brewpub which does a lot of charcuterie on site (along with brewing some beer). It is a great casual lunch (or breakfast or dinner). The pork rillette and the duck cassoulet were to die for!

          Finally, the BBQ shrimp at Mr B's are heavenly (albeit messy) and make a fabulous lunch or dinner

          Hope this helps

          Restaurant August
          301 Tchoupitoulas Street, New Orleans, LA 70130

          Luke Restaurant
          333 St Charles, New Orleans, LA 70130

          Mr B's Bistro
          201 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70130