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Aug 16, 2009 10:10 AM

Las Vegas - This is what I have reserved - What would you change?

Last year my wife and I started something of a tradition. Drop the kid off at college in Southern California and then head to vegas for 5 nights, which since its the beginning of Sept. encompasses our anniversary. We are not big gamblers so stay out at the Marriott resort in Summerlin.

Last year we ate at Vintner Grill the first night, since after the long drive, it was close to the hotel. On the next 4 nights we went to Aureole, Red Square, Rosemary's, and Todds Unique. Vintner Grill was very tasty, service was good, but kitchen timing was off. Aureole was for our anniversary night, did the Swan room, great service, wife's entree was better than mine, but overall, good experience. Red Square is a sexy room, food was good, great martinis. Rosemary's food was excellent; we asked for a quiet spot and they put us next to the wine room, which could be great except they leave empty boxes in there and it looked like a mess. On the other hand, I offered our waiter a taste of the wine we brought, and he was so thankful, he waived the corkage fee and we had amazing service. Todd's Unique room is fairly unattractive but the food and service more than made up for it..

OK, so that brings us to our upcoming week, which I know is restaurant week as it was last year. Did not take advantage of it last year, maybe we will this year. Wanted to go with 5 new restaurants this year so my reservations are as follows:

Day 1 after drive from LA: Agave in Summmerlin
Day 2 (our anniversary): Joel Robuchon (Great that they have a choice of Prix Fixe menus now)
Day 3: Origin India
Day 4: Daniel Boulud
Day 5: L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

We ate at Joel Robuchon's Jamin in Paris many years ago and so thought two JR nights would be great, but let me know if you think its redundant.

Also, while we like Thai food, we have done LOS on a previous trip, so that is not in the cards.

Thanks in advance for any help and thoughts.

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  1. Great Line up.

    I've eaten at both Robuchons's restaurants and both are great. I perfer L'Ateier a little more. (not based on food just personal preference)

    You might consider thinking about Guy Savoy or Bar Charlie same class as Robuchchon's places and it would give you more variety.

    1. I pretty much agree with chris2269, although I like Joel Robuchon more than L'Atelier (if money is no object). I also second Bar Charlie (within Restaurant Charlie).

      1. Sounds lovely! You'll enjoy Daniel Boulud! The hubby and I had the best of meal of our lives there recently. I ordered from the tasting menu (Taste of Wynn), and he from the regular menu. The food is simple, but executed SO very WELL! Service was a bit spotty the night we went because it was so busy. They forgot my champagne for the dessert course, and our waiter was all over the place that night.

        1. Michael Mina for Lobster Pot Pie

          1. Why Agave? Is it because it's close to where you are staying on the first night? Don't expect food at a comparable level to VG or Rosemary's.

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            1. re: Dave Feldman

              Yeah, I thought we would keep it simple, fun, and close the first night, and totally different than anything else we would have during the week. That choice probably has the greatest potential for a last minute change. Any other thoughts for the Summerlin area?

              1. re: Ian F

                Yes, skip Agave FOR SURE. That place is borderline horrible. Sounds like you might be staying at either Red Rock Resort or Sunset Station ... either way, give a nod to Terra Rossa at Red Rock Resort. Some pretty decent Italian ( albeit, admittedly not classic Italian ). It's not overly expensive and I've never had a bad meal there. They have quite a selection of pastas and entrees alike.

                One of my personal favorites in the Summerlin/Lakes area is Grape Street Cafe. It gets mixed reviews here but I love it! Great unassuming food in a casual "winey" atmosphere. They do retail wine out of there as well. Their baked brie is fantastic and I could eat the Chicken Gorgonzola every other night. Might fit the bill as a casual spot after a long day.


              2. re: Dave Feldman

                Definately skip Agave. If you want something really, really close to the hotel I would suggest the Kona Grill in the Boca Shopping Center. Otherwise, you might like Cafe Deia @ Flamingo and Grand Canyon. Not a fancy place but a relaxing one.

                Or if you are really hungry and a meat eater, Via Brazil Steakhouse at the corner of Fort Apache & Charleston. Great food but you do leave in a meat coma.