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Aug 16, 2009 09:55 AM

Thanksgiving dinner - Nov 09

Will be in NYC over the holiday and would like recommendations for restaurants that do thanksgiving dinner. Also, are most restuarants open on the Thursday? Price point per person would be $50-$75.

thanks from Toronto!

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  1. Many restaurants are open on Thanksgiving and serve Thanksgiving dinner. It is typically a prix fixe with a choice of protein. Hard to say in terms of pricing because most places don't release their menus until late October. Also, around that time will put up a page with restaurants who are serving Thanksgiving dinner and bookable using their system; there will, of course, be restaurants who are serving and not on OpenTable.

    Previous Thanksgiving dinner reviews:

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      thanks will check back closer to the dates. we were in last year and ended up at the Chat 'n Chew as our plans chnaged 3 times in 1 day - awesome little place , food was great., just want something a little more upscale.

    2. If you are Ok with not a luxe dining experience, I often send out of towners to the Rock Center Cafe, at Rock Center, directly overlooking the skating rink. It is a great venue, though packed - with both tourists and many locals. If you stick to the turkey and trimmings and New England clam chowder it is not bad at all and pricing is good. Have fun.

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          I've also suggested and gone to Cibo (2nd Ave @ 40th St. ?41st St.?) Anyway, it's been very nice and a reasonable price. Last year the prix fixe menus at the fancier restaurants had crept to a minimum of $75 and even $100. per person before drinks, taxes and tips.

        2. Any suggestions for a family-style dinner out?